Saturday, December 17, 2005

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Anonymous said...

Well hi there - my Mam text me today to ask me to listen to the Pat Kenny show on RTE! Irish Radio Station - which was about the scams about the green cards - I have been living here undocumented for nearly 2 years. I came over here for the love of someone, I have enough money to live on, I don't take advantage of anything but like everyone else, can't get a driver's licence etc and as result have a big fear of getting ill or being in a car smash - My brother is a US citizen and sponsored me and it, by all accounts can take up to 14 years - I have out stayed my visitors visia now by 12 months and like everyone else wonder what will happen if something happens at home that I have to go home?? I think it is stupid - If I don't have to work, at least I should be able to get a drivers licence - I'm still working on my bank account in europe so that's not a problem. I would be more that willing to pay taxes etc, but this country won't let me - what's that all about. Look at the way Ireland has changed now - and after all - America has been built on Immigration - without us - America wouldn't be as good as it is???? I need some real help. Thank you for listening. Your's a waiting paddy!

Briege said...

I was at my first meeting in Woodside and it really did empower me to make my contribution. I am so glad that I happened upon Rory Dolan's a few weeks ago even though the meeting was over. Last night, the speakers were so inspiring and comforting that I honestly felt like crying. I had another miserable Christmas, missed weddings, funerals, unable to comfort sick relatives, see my parents, sisters, brothers and nieces and nephews. I never felt like I had a right to feel bad or mad. Now I realize that I should feel angry. I have always believed that passion is the motivating factor behind EVERY success story. I was really impressed with the energy in the room - the speakers, the crowd and all the volunteers.

I somehow fell into PR through working in the film business at home and in NYC. I spoke briefly with Niall O'Dowd and told him that I would like to help by trying to enlist as many Irish or Irish American celebrities as possible to endorse the campaign and generate as much buzz and media coverage as possible. The combined efforts of us undocumented, our wonderful advisory board, Niall, Ciaran and Kelly, the volunteers should make us very a powerful group.

I will definitely be going to DC and I want Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne, Bono, The Corrs to come too. We need these people to help leverage media and make the campaign as high profile as possible. I am confident that we could get generous Irish American people to sponsor travel if needs be. We need quotes and words of support as this will raise our profile and educate people in a positive way.

Business owners especially those in the construction business should reach out to their workers and make sure that everybody knows about the ILIR. I will be reaching out to as many influential people as possible.

My Irish American cousins are behind me. My American friends are behind me. America still loves us but they are not aware of the seriousness of the situation. Just this morning, my 12 year old cousin Mickey said "If Poppy and Grandma didn't come here on a boat from Ireland, I would not exist and he also said "I would be in tears if you had to leave." He even wants to lobby in DC God love him.

We are unified and I am glad. I have managed to get some work in the Arts but it has been a hustle and a struggle. I feel worried, alienated, guilty, hampered and anxious and my attempts to block it out are failing more and more as time goes by. We should not be criminalized and I will do everything I can to spread the word and force the senators to step up and help us in a positive way. I am so over the Xenophobia. The action component is what we Irish need. We stuck it out here. I have had so many people say "You are educated, why do you want to be in a country that does not want you or care about you? It's getting harder to defend my reasons for being here, seriously. We are living under unnecessary duress and it is not fair. We are good, honest, hard-working, creative, funny people and we deserve better.

Let’s make it happen, I am not disappearing under the radar any more. Being labelled "an illegal alien" is really insulting. I really admired the two female speakers who took to the podium last night- Good Job Girls. HE WHO DARES, WINS!!!