Saturday, March 18, 2006

Seamus: Greetings from Washington

After months of checking on the website, reading about other meetings, and going to our respective meetings , finally we were all in D.C together. Our purpose in Washington in more carefree times would have been to do a bit of sightseeing, and take in some of the restaurants. However, we needed to drop off our calling cards, so after registering at the Holiday Inn, and standing for the group photograph, it was onto Capitol Hill. Jimmy negotiated us safely to the steps of the Longworth Building, and, failing to secure the services of any decent bagpiper, we decided to enter quietly,
At each office that we went to, the staff were very polite to us, and we stated our case as clearly as possible, even though we didn`t always adhere to the notes.
Wednesday morning finds a lot of the Representatives over at the House, dealing with legislation, but their officials were, in general, very attentive. Most of them said they`d pass the paperwork onto the absent Congressmen and Congresswomen.
Representative Sanchez from the 47th District of California was very happy to see us, and exorted us to `let-them-know-it`s-not-just-Mexicans`. Her mind was soon at ease when we told her that there were 2,500 thousand of us around the corridors. We finished our meeting with Ms. Sanchez by serenading Kate Rose Riley, her legislative assistant, with `The Rose Of Tralee`, as she represented D.C in the 2005 Rose Of Tralee Final, in Tralee.
We called into a few Leadership Offices, also, and some of them wanted us to come back, later in the day, to meet the Committee people, and probably to have fun, too
.After most of us got something to eat, we went back to the hotel for the speeches. All of the speakers seemed to be on our side, and they truly gave us a lot of optimism, but, being Irish, we know that the `divil is always in the details`.
Listening to Edward Kennedy`s rivetting address, the words of his late brother Bobby ran through my head;
"Some men see things as they are and ask `Why?`
I dream things that never were and ask `Why not?`"
Thank you to Kelly, Ciaran and Niall for putting this whole movement together for us, it`s making a massive difference, and we can definitely got this thing accomplished, working together.


Anonymous said...

Let them know it's not just Mexicans? You show no love for this country nor understanding for what over 10,000,000 illegal Mexicans have done to health care and wages in this country. Thanks for being the "pleasant face" for the overthrow of American civilization.

Anonymous said...

The Irish have one thing they will never shake off - desperation for acceptance and constant attention.
The English founded modern America, as our history would tell you, had you been educated here. Not the Irish. They just try to pretend they did.
You are an illegal alien. I don't care if four leaf clovers grow out of your backside - go home and take the others with you

Anonymous said...

I have never heard it said we, the Irish, "founded" America, just build it along side many other immrigrants.

Anonymous said...

Be realistic people can not go home this is there home they have children born here, in school here, bought houses here. They cut your hair, bartend you, cook your food and clean your house and garden. Open your mind to what America really is me and my four leaf clovered backside is here to stay, I am America.

J.M.Flannery said...

It is with great pride and enthusiasm I was able to attend the ILIR gathering trhis evening in Mineola Long Island.I proudly support the efforts of Niall O Dowd Ciaran Staunton and their very active committee.The remarks to the group by Bruce Morrison were very well received and we look forward to see this injustice being corrected in the very near future with proper legislation which will allow future generations of Irish to come to the USA with proper documentation from the vary start.I am a proud citizen of the USA after arriving as a properly documented alien in 1961.It is an utter tragedy this situation had to come about due to the senseless legislation which became law in 1965.Lets keep up the fight until a firm agreement has been reached and passed into law.