Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Watching the Senate

As an Irish undocumented immigrant living in the United States I will be closely watching the Senate come Monday. I sincerely hope that when they return after the break that they tackle the immigration bill put forward by Senator Spector.

How much longer can the Irish undocumented immigrants wait and hope. So many of them that I know have tried every possible avenue to obtain a visa but it is extremely difficult to do so. A recent piece by Anderson Cooper on CNN covered this and reported that it is practically impossible for non-specialized workers to get one. Which makes no sense considering the waves of immigrants that always came to America did non-specialized labor until they climbed the ladder. The point being that we need immigrants to do this kind of labor so we need a visa programme so they can do it legally. I was speaking to an American lady this weekend who told me she would like to see more Irish workers in the United States and that she was very sorry to recently discover that the number of Irish immigrants was dwindling down with every year. I suggested she call her representatives and tell them what she told me. She simply did not know that they can not get a visa and that is why they are not coming and the ones that are here are being forced out.

With the dawning of every new day the Irish immigrants are facing a bleak future. As time ticks by hope fades, the time draws closer to renew your drivers license, before you needed proof of residency now you need the precious social security number so your license slips away its one birthday you are not happy to celebrate. As time goes by a sick or elderly relative gets worse and you must miss another chance at a final goodbye or the time gets closer to your sisters wedding and you miss it and send another telegram. For the Irish immigrants its all about timing and now its the United States Senates time will they delay, let the chance slip through their fingers or will they help secure the future of these immigrants who love America so much.

Every argument put forward in this debate can find a solution in Specter's bill, secure the borders and offer a pathway to earned citizenship to the undocumented workers who already live in America if they are fined and pay back taxes and have to wait eleven years to file for citizenship it is not an amnesty.



paddy o'furniture said...

Can't you take the hint.

Anonymous said...

Since the Irish have taken such a vocal and active role in the immigration reform in the United States, I wonder if they will do the same in Ireland?

All those Turks, Poles and Romanians getting paid sub-standard wages and living in the margins of Irish society....

Should the undocumented Irish get a fair deal here, will you all work to ensure that the newly arrived immigrants in your homeland get one?

Anonymous said...

What hint Paddy o furniture the President of the United States is constantly asking for comprehensive immigration reform if he wants her to stay why don't you Sam

Anonymous said...

As a naturalized citizen it is with disgust that I listen to the whinings from the ILLEGALS about missing their mammies, friends and weddings or not being able to drive or go on holidays. You had your holiday when you came here, but abused the privilege that was extended to you, i.e. the visa waiver.

Nor can I believe the arrogance of Nina, an ILLEGAL, who states that “we need immigrants to do this kind of labor so we need a visa program so they can do it legally”. Who exactly is this ’we’. I presume she means US citizens and resident aliens, because she doesn’t have a say in OUR country.

And if you feel so strongly about “that kind of labor”, there is plenty of it available in Ireland, evidenced by it (Ireland) becoming the destination of choice for most Europeans and Nigerians.

And just as membership of the EU, allows freedom of movement to the Irish throughout Europe, our northern and southern neighbors, have more right to be here, as a result of NAFTA & CAFTA.

And it these illegals who, despite being criminally ignored by the ILIR, have brought the issue to the streets and our television screens over the past few months, while the ILIR claim all the success while belly up the bar, sh*t-faced in Connollys on 47th St. (no point in denying it, a NoD is as good as a wink to the proverbial blind horse).

Tommy G. New York

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy G, you are a very lucky man that the great people that went before you lacked the ignorance, intolerence and nativist attitude you have been blessed with or you would never have gotten the chance to "naturalize". You lack even the ability to understand concepts the ILIR marched with those people, got Senator Shumer and Clinton to back the issue so they deserve to celebrate their successes. You can not make an arguement in a gentlemanly manner but instead have to resort to smut and insults,I suggest you stick to the issues at hand lay off the cursing and read more about this subject before you blabber again, Samantha

Anonymous said...


It is advisable to ignore Tommy G 's toxic and grossly inaccurate impression of us.

colon bowels said...

Sounds to me like S&B are merely jealous of TG, and his precious naturalized US citizenship. I wonder whether Tommy gave up his Irish citizenship as required by his taking the 'Oath of Allegiance'?

Anonymous said...

Colon S&B are jealous they want a chance to get legal can't you keep up and he did not have to give up his Irish citizenship you can get dual citizenship1

american pie said...


"...if they are fined and pay back taxes and have to wait eleven years to file for citizenship it is not an amnesty".

If they have to wait outside the country, then I can accept that. But if they are permitted to wait inside the US, then you are taking the American people for fools. If you can live freely in the US, earn a living, buy property, come and go both within and without, then you have the status of the "green card" even if it's not called that. All citizenship gives you is the right to vote, and obligation to serve on juries, and qualify for some jobs, like president.

The only acceptable course of action is to wait at home for your green card (at the end of the line) after all the back taxes are paid, and after the fines and penalties are paid. Anything less is an amnesty.

Here's a parable. Imagine a line or queue of people are waiting to be served at an ice cream parlour. A discouteous few cut ahead, and get their ice cream cones fraudulently. They are caught, and as punishmen, the management sends them to the back of the line to wait. But you see, they still get to keep their ice cream, and lick away at them while waiting on line. This is exactly what your amnesty is like.