Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Irish returning to New York

I've just spoken to a friend who moved his family back to Ireland after 15 years here. He bought a lovely house, a new car and set up his own business. Sounds wonderful. Not even close.

He said he couldn't get over how expensive Ireland has become. He couldn't believe the crazy costs of everything. He was paying over $2000 a month on a mortgage, child care was costing $400 a week and he said if they went out for a meal they wouldn't see much change from $150.

After two years of trying to make it work, they decided to move back to New York. They are here now six months and are truly happy.

Another lad I know has just come back from Ireland saying he couldn't seem to save any money. They're lucky to have their citizenship is all I can say. I wish I did


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