Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spitzer drops NY licence plan

This is a truly depressing day for any of us battling on behalf of the undocumented immigrants in this country.

Governor Spitzer has backed off his courageous plan in the teeth of unprecedented hostility led by the likes of Lou Dobbs.

Just for once, a politician came up with a SOLUTION not a sound bite, and he has paid a heavy price for it.

None of the anti-immigrant forces howling for his blood have a solution to this immigration crisis. They seem to live in some fantasy world where if they scream and shout loud enough then things will be alright. Nothing is alright.

There are about 12 million undocumented immigrants living in this country and no-one knows who they are. Gov Spitzer's plan was a common sense solution.

Maybe that's the real problem here - the anti-immigrant people have lost all common sense.


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Anonymous said...

I congratulate Gov. Spitzer for stepping up to the plate on this hot issue. Unfortunately , as we all have seen legalizing undocumented hard working immigratants is not an issue to be handled in this present administration partly due to the democrats .They promise the sun moon and stars, and delivered nada.I have heard first hand what Sen.Clinton said at ILIR rallies in DC , and of course we have our other NY Sen, Sen "tiocfaid ar la"Schumer , and what have they done NOTHING NOTHING. and they wont as they are afraid to take the stance and do what is right. Gov.Spitzer had to step down due to pressure from Hillary's camp....extreme pressure.Hopefully our own government have the "liathroidi" to do what is right but that is douthful as well.
Sorry for being negative but after being in US undocumented for many ayear and tried unsuccessfully for the pass 2 yrs with the ILIR , just to get a slap in the wrist and ended up with nothing , this is how I feel and here we are again on the eve of another lonesome Christmas season unable to go and spend time with family in EIRE.

irishgirl said...

I remember being in Washington at the rally after a long day of "pounding the pavement," listening to Hiliary speak and feeling like we really had a chance to make a difference. I was never a fan of Hiliary but what she said that day made me take a second look at her as a presidential possibility. No MORE! If she does not have the gumption to stand up to the likes of Bill O'Reilly and the like she CLEARLY has no business being president of the US. I will contiue to write my congressmen and Mr. Sptizer to let them know the right-wing fearmongers will not take control of my country so easily. The majority of US citizens WANT immigration reform! Keep up the good work ILIR I hope common sense will prevail on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I was glad when I saw what Gov. Spitzer was trying to do. Spin it any which way you want, but people out there are driving without a license. It was courageous of him to try and address this issue. I am so disappointed by the democrats at this point. They do not have any backbone. None of them want to stand up for something. They tell us all the things we want to hear, but at the first sign of trouble, they run for the hills, change their position, try to clarify their positions etc. At least we know where the Republicans stand. Whichever party gets me legal, I will vote for them. And I will tell my children to vote for them when they are old enough. I might not agree with their policies, but the person that allows me to go see my family abroad, allows me to feed and clothe my children, and walk and drive around without my having to look behind me will get my family's vote.
Alot of us hinged our hopes on something being passed this past summer, but to no avail. I am tired of being in this position. Most of us don't knowingly court being an illegal. Circumstances and situations take place that put us in the positions that we are in. I hope some politicians and people can stand-up and be counted and say yes, it might be unpopular to legalize the undocumented, but it is the right thing to do.

curious yellow said...

Ok, big guy, what's the solution?

bow flex said...

Sorta looks like the anti-immgrant people are in the majority, don't it?

Anonymous said...

Some 'very real' reality TV... Lou Dobbs gets hammered. He is Dumb founded....

Gets confronted by people with concern for the undocumented!

PS: please make sure you copy the link and paste it without any gaps..

This can also found on YouTube, search for Dobbs confronted by Border Angels.....

Need to confront others directly without commercial breaks and cover of Corporate Programming....and post them for people to judge these bigots!


Anonymous said...

Please remember, Hillary Clinton still expresses that she will push comprehensive immigration reform as a primary issue when she is President. Do not let set backs like this waver your views of this candidate, open your window and get the bigger picture. When Hillary is elected, the pasture will be greener as a whole-when undocumented immigrants are able to be completely legal!!!-as opposed to just being able to drive.

Anonymous said...

Bush pushed immigration reform too!
What makes you think Hillary can get immigration reformed passed ?

Anonymous said...

Bush pushed immigration reform too!
What makes you think Hillary can get immigration reformed passed ?

Anonymous said...

Yes , we are looking at the bigger picture obviously you are not undocumented.Hillary said that is what she will do after she becomes pres,But she flip flops on issues so that frightens me for fear she will flip flop on this issue once she gets elected .( that is if she gets elected)

Anonymous said...

I am undocumented 19 years now.
I do not belive one word Clinton says, she wil say anything to get elected as most of them will.
You are right to be frightened even more so if she becomes president, I know she will do not a thing for us, not in the frist four years anyway. I think our only hope is the Irish Goverment and thats where everyone needs to be pushing!