Friday, February 22, 2008

Update from the ILIR

The ILIR will be holding a series of town halls to address concerns in the community about immigration reform in the coming weeks. We will be emailing times + venues in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we have gathered a selection of recent articles and radio shows here which have appeared in different sites this week. The articles are listed below with the relevant links. Please feel free to comment on the official ILIR blog at or The 33rd County which is run by the Friends and Family in Ireland.

An Open Letter to Bertie (Niall O'Dowd) The Irish Star, Feb 22, 2008
Excerpt: I was disappointed that you never mentioned the Irish undocumented issue in your remarks is important for you to know that thousands of Irish undocumented emigrants in America will be watching and listening too. You see you are their last real hope of achieving legal status in the United States.

Irish Government Slammed after Hands are Tied Claim over Undocumented
The Irish government has been slammed over its inaction on the undocumented issue. Activists have compared comments by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to those of the Mexican President who this week pledged to up his commitment to Mexican immigrants in the US.

Deportation Fear Cost Man His Life
The father of a County Derry man who died in the US said he believes his son delayed seeking medical treatment because he feared being deported.

ILIR on Irish Radio Show
Interview with ILIR vice-chairman Ciaran Staunton and an undocumented Irish man on the "Right Hook" radio show in Ireland


Anonymous said...

Deportation fear 'cost man life' - I need the undocumented to please understand something - nurses and doctors are not the INS. We do not care if you are legal or illegal. This is the second Irish man who was undocumented to die in the last month (Eddie Treacy also died in Boston). If you are sick go to the doctor - please. I have been a nurse in Boston for 10 years and not once did myself or my other 100or so colleagues care to ask for a Social Security number.If one place turns you down due to lack of insurance ask them where you can go - a clinic will usually take you in and if you need a hospital admission they will then get you into the hospital.

Anonymous said...

I have to speak up about this, I have lived undocumented in the USA for over 13yrs and have NEVER been refused medical help due to my status. I truly believe that the people working in this profession care about helping and not reporting anyone who may have problems with there status. I have been fortunate to secure health insurance for myself by using my tax ID number and paying my monthly premium and I believe there is a great opportunity for others to do the same.I would give anything to have a visa and stay here, America is a great country and lets not lose sight of that.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that another persons life has been cut short because of the fear of deportation.I am here 12 years undocumented but have health insurance because I spoke with Tom at the Irish Immigration and Pastoral Center in PA.

The immigration problem here needs to be addressed properly.We need Senators who are concerned about doing the right thing rather than pandering to bigots.

Cllr Pat mc Ginn said...

Newry and Mourne District Sinn Fein Councillors Pat Mc Ginn and Mick Murphy are bringing a motion to the Council the first Monday in March and asking that it is sent to all Councils throughout the island of Ireland. Keep up the fight
To consider the following Notice of Motion in the names of Councillors M Murphy and P McGinn:-

“As St. Patrick’s Day approaches Newry and Mourne Council, once again remembering the plight of the undocumented Irish in the US, will write to both the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister and An Taoiseach asking them to ensure that all Ministers and Officials visiting the US over this special and symbolic period ensure to highlight the “Undocumented Irish” plight and encourage all to work to reach a settlement”.