Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are NOT talking Nonsense in Bars

We have listed several articles below which detail the statements by the Taoiseach, and our response.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we are not giving up on the undocumented Irish in the US. We will continue to battle on their behalf. We will not give up until this battle is over.

Pack your bags
Ahern advises undocumented to consider return trip (Irish Echo)

ILIR Says Ahern Is 'Misinformed'
THE Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) has expressed deep disappointment in Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern's comments in Washington, D.C. on St. Patrick's Day. (Irish Voice)

Time To Unite
Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern threw the cat among the pigeons this week when he accused Irish immigration advocates of seeking an unrealistic "amnesty" for the undocumented. (Irish Voice)

ILIR pushes Ahern to pursue viable visa plan
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was urged last night to personally ask US President George Bush to accept a deal to grant visas to 10,000 illegal Irish emigrants.

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Please feel free to comment on the official ILIR blog at or The 33rd County which is run by the Friends and Family in Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Bertie Ahern jetsetted over here, to the place we call home, to give President Bush a bowl of shamrock and 50,000 undocumented Irish people a slap in the face. I can almost hear him saying "out of sight, out of mind".

Anonymous said...

This is unbeleivable. Really, it's a sad day when you can't rely on the support of the taoiseach of your own country.It might do Bertie good to visit a few of these "bars that we talk nonsense in". He might learn a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

bertie ahern is only out for looking after his own pocket and giving himself a pay rise.check of him giving shamrocks instead of a deal to mr.bush.

Anonymous said...

It really shouldn't come as a big surprise that the Irish goverment don't care, hence the birth of ILIR,if the govermont were in tune or cared about what is happening here they would never have let it get this bad.
From what I can gather from people that DID pack there bags to return to Ireland is the economy is desperate over there and because the gate is closed to the USA they are all heading over to England hoping to find work over there with construction for the Olympics in 2012.
I personally believe that people like Morrison, Schumer with the help of the ILIR are the people that hold our fate in there hands so I will consider packing my bags when THEY throw in the towel and not before and I'd urge the rest of you to do the same.
Shame on you Bertie Ahern.

Anonymous said...

Bertie what does it take for you to stand by your own people DOLLARS OR EUROS as that seems to be the only way you know how to work???? I am here 11 years without seeing my family in which vote for your party but this is the last time you will get the support of them,,,,Thanks for turning your back on US have a good rip home....

Anonymous said...

I am in tears as I read and write this message. I can not beleive the way our taoisaech is letting down our people, my family. This news will devasate my mother who like the rest of the family have been watching and praying for news on this. I just can't believ it totally lost for words. From where I am looking this so call taoisaech is ripping us all off with his free trips to states and money he can not explain in his bank accouts. He has lost my vote totally and what ever I can do to get him removed from office i will do. bowl of shamrocks my A**E.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising really. Did the Irish Government actually donate to the ILIR only a year or two ago? Pretty sure they did i suppose it was money well spent got alot of votes out of it in the last election and how quickly the issue was dropped. You know Irish politics have little changed since the so called celtic tiger changed Irish society. May have changed society but in-effective government is alive and well. Mr Ahern may have other things on his mind with the Mahon tribunal and will see how that plays out. His position in Ireland is appearing more untenable by the day so perhaps we may not have too long to wait for a more concerned leader to replace him. And only hope they can do better. Finger crossed it appears like we could be close.

Able Stout said...

I think Ahern is telling it like it is. You other posters are living in dreamworld, Bertie is not.

Tom said...

Since when does Bertie Ahern know anything about the US and immigration? This is a man who barely knows who gave him what brown envelope and suddenly he's an expert on such a complex topic? For my money, Bruce Morrison is the only one we should be listening to; he;s the only one who's actually passed legislation. We'll know it;s time to abandon ship when he does so.

Anonymous said...

i have made my mind up after listenng to the promises from ILIR for 2 years hold on hold on how long can someone hold on being told one thing by Mr Staunton and the totally oppsite from Bertie Who is right and who is wrong ???

Sarah said...

If we were property developers with bag loads of cash, Bertie would be far more interested in helping us out.

Denis said...

ah for christ's sake - why are you having a go at ciaran staunton? and if you want to name names why don't you name yourself? The ILIR was the only organization which stood up for us and for this we're going to attack them? The Irish Govt was giving them the same spin they gave my family at home (who used to vote for FF, not now, not ever again).

Clódagh said...

How does it look to any other country? The leader of Ireland will not help the Citizens of his country.
Let the Irish goverment know that we here in the U.S.A, do not sit in bars talking nonsense.
E.mail, phone, tell your family and friends to call Bertie Aherns office. or 01-619-4020\4021\4043. (The Taoiseach's private office, public information.)
It is a real eye opener to see what the leader of our Home Country thinks of Irish Citizens who have left their country, family and friends.
Drunks who lay around bars talking nonsense. No in fact we are to busy thinking if we are going to be arrested, sent to prison for at least 6 weeks and then get deported with a ten year ban from America.
We know we are not going to get amnesty, all we are trying to get is a visa. The agreement that has been made to many other countries. Maybe your phone call could make the difference.
Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

This is the way i see it. Irish government do not want to see the establishment of visa systems that would enable Irish people with trades or in the most part state funded college educations moving to other countries including the U.S. after the investment has been made in them in Ireland. If a visa scheme were to be setup to the U.S. many many people would only too happily jump ship out of Ireland leaving behind fewer skilled workers and driving up costs to Irish business.

Its a win win situation for the Irish at home, gaining higher wages and Irish in the U.S. living legally and prospering. Not so good news for Irish business who stand to lose, as they will have tighter margins due to rising labor costs. And guess who loses the most? thats right brown envelope carrying Irish politicians with lighter than usual envelopes.

Its short sighted on the behalf of the government because in the long run it benefits both countries but we cant be having them go without their "fringe benefits" now can we.

ILIR! I hope you can pull something together because it ain't going to come from Ireland. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed in the Irish Government right now. How will they feel if 50,000 undocumented Irish land back on their shores with no work to go to? I'm sure we will all be told that we cannot get any welfare benefits either because we have been out of the country for too long!
I'm glad that the ILIR have not given up on us.I'm not giving up on them either!

Anonymous said...

Bertie Ahern has totally lost the run of himself. Does he honestly think any one of us who's been here for years and built a good life for ourselves, have any desire to go back to Ireland, when the Taoiseach has treated us all so badly, not to mention the shambles he has made of Ireland itself?? As other posters have said: I'll follow the ILIR and Bruce Morrison to the finishline but I'll be damned if I'd follow Bertie back to the crippled country he has bled dry.

Anonymous said...

if i had berty here now id give him more than a kick in the teeth, how dare he, how ignorant can a poltician be.

fiona said...

You the irish goverment should be ashamed of your selves,tpical you only out for your selves.Your a crowd of hippacrits!!!