Friday, January 23, 2009

ILIR back at work for immigration reform

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) is gearing up for a new campaign on behalf of legal access for Irish immigrants to the US.

The ILIR will be returning to Washington next month for meetings with members of Congress who hold senior positions in the committees overseeing immigration reform.

Chairman Niall O'Dowd and Vice-Chairman Ciaran Staunton both attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington and held several meetings with key members of the new administration as well as the powerful Friends of Ireland in Congress.

They reported that there is a new consensus at both the Senate and House level to move forward on immigration reform over the next 12 months.

In addition, ILIR lobbyist Bruce Morrison and Irish American Democrats President Stella O'Leary have met with the Obama administration on the issue.


Anonymous said...

This is really great news. Let's hope the hard work pays off this time.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what you mean by 'new campaign on behalf of legal access for Irish immigrants TO Us". What about the Irish who are already in the US. Are we forgotten again.

Anonymous said...

The ilir is gearing up for a new campaign on behalf of "LEGAL ACCESS FOR IRISH IMMIGRANTS TO THE US". (Do you mean for people at home in Ireland ?)

I hope not as they got 20,000 visa's a year for the next 5 year's = 100,000. ( all wee need is 50,000 for the undocumented)

The people at home are not living there life in fear the way we are and facing jail time.

Mr Naill O Dowd i ask and beg you to look out for the undocumented
That collected money for the ilir, marched in washington when you asked us.

The people at home have all the other group's helping them out. Group's like iic,ipc,ciic.
Please Mr O Dowd and the ilir look after the people that realy need you. (if you forgot that would be the irish undocumented)

The way the irish gov't have treated the irish undocumented on this matter makes me sick.
I came from a big Fianna Fail family. But not any more they are a waist of time.

We might be undocumented in the US but were still irish.

Anonymous said...

Great news when are the busses leaving for DC. Cant wait to let the new administration know we are all still here and in need of them passing an immmigration refom bill asap.

Anonymous said...

Words of advice … when you place a message can you please give it a read through to make sure it says what you intended it to say. It is embarrassing to Irish people to see so many misspelled and misused words. Sorry if this offends anyone. That is not my intention.

Lou Ferpo

Anonymous said...

Ciaran What is being done about this Gillibrand Needs to Change Her Stance on Immigration

Anonymous said...

It would be wise for political parties in Ireland to take a keen interest in the undocumented, after all we might not have a vote in Ireland now, but our families do.
If we ask our parents, brothers sisters, etc to vote for ? party.
We are 50,000 strong, that adds up to a lot of votes for the right party?
We want to hear your voices in the Dail, papers, radio,t.v.

Anonymous said...

Well said lets start calling our family & friends at home.
To vote for a gov't that will help us over here. Bye bye Micheal Martin.

Anonymous said...

Why not call them and tell them not to vote for any of them. That would send a message no one voting on election day.