Tuesday, April 07, 2009

350 turn out for ILIR in Boston

Over 350 Boston Irish braved a dark dreary evening to come to the Irish Cultural Center of New England in Canton, MA to hear ILIR President Ciaran Staunton vow "ILIR wants to make sure that this is the last generation of Irish in America that has to listen to a family member's funeral on the telephone. It is our goal that this is the last generation of Irish to be undocumented in America."

Former Congressman Bruce Morrison, public affairs consultant to ILIR explained the details of the proposed E3 visa and pledged that in one way or another it wil provide some benefits for the undocumented here as well as providing a future long term sustainable system of migration to the United States.

ILIR Chairman Bart Murphy stated that the immigration system has been broken for 45 years and that prior fixes such as the Donnelly and Morrison visas, although very helpful, did not deal with the systemic problem that there were little or no pathways for immigration.

The crowd gave enthusiastic support to local ILIR representatives Hugh Meehan and Jimmy Gallagher and pledged active involvement in the ILIR campaigns going forward.

Our picture shows LIR Chairman Bart Murphy, former Congressman Bruce Morrison, ILIR President Ciaran Staunton, San Francisco ILIR representative Celine Kennelly and Boston ILIR representatives Hugh Meehan and Jimmy Gallagher following a successful ILIR meeting in Boston.


Anonymous said...

Please don,t ask people to call them self centered aniamls in the Irish goverment. The 2 aherns Bertiy and Dermot have all ready kicked us when we were down and needed Irish goverment to help

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to Boston.

Anonymous said...

so does anyone want to fill the rest of us in on what went on in Boston.

Anonymous said...

thanks to bruce and bart and the rest of the board who were at the meeting in canton,your work is much appreciated,thanks for all your doing.me+many others though were disgusted with the ignorance of the "gang in the corner" who had nothing but a chip on their shoulder.