Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Day without Immigrants

I'm glad to see that the day passed without any major backlash. Bit disappointed to see the Irish Echo in New York leading with a couple of people particiapting in the Chicago rally when they didn't lead with the ILIR after the April 10 rally in New York. Hey Lads! Brian McKenna spoke outside City Hall to hundreds of thousands of people too and he didn't make your front page!

Wha's with that Chicago Irish crowd anyway? They don't seem to like the idea of unity; keep turning up at rallies with the wrong t-shirts!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone notices that the other side aren't holding marches and rallies, they're too busy calling Congress. Hate to be a party-pooper but could we ever take this off the streets and on to the phones. My future is in the balance here and I'd bet you every penny I'll ever earn that the anti-immigrant crowd have been burning up the phones over the past few days.

The only people Congress listens to is their constituents, which is why it's so important that we keep this up. If you don't know your Congress rep's details, check out the website.

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