Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't stop the hard work

The passage of the Senate bill was without a doubt a fantastic success I watched the voting with a thumping heart, all the possibilities of normalizing my life getting a job with my degree, seeing my family in Ireland and legitimizing myself finally in America seem to be getting one step closer. The Senate bill is the first hurdle we have jumped but now is not the time to rest on our laurels.
Fervent continued commitment is what is called for now the most intense effort so far is what we need from everyone, especially that lobby day in Washington on June 28th if you are an Irish immigrant and you need a greencard the answer is simple get on that bus to Washington this is your chance, your time to stand up for what happened in 1965 when the Irish stopped getting their greencards if you love America enough to want to stay here then you must secure your future in it.

This time the ball is in our court we have picked it up but we can not drop it now, it can be the best of times or the worst of times. Everyone must put their shoulder to the wheel now and push. What is called for is guts and guile if we are determined we can get this bill through the house it is our time and opportunity to legalize the Irish and where our T shirt with pride I am going to Washington again with my American friends and family who want to lobby and convince Congress that they want a way for me to stay in America and everybody else should too if we succeed the Irish will never again have to live in the shadows, miss out on a family funeral back in Ireland or miss future opportunities in this great nation that they are proud to call home.


Anonymous said...

Fair play for your hard work, it's people with your attitude that will keep things moving in a positive direction.

Anonymous said...

I am Irish.

I will go to Washington to take a stand for an earned path to citzenship.

I will stand up to secure my future in this great country.

Get on the bus. Stand with me.

Yankee Doodle said...

Give it up, you guys. The House has neutralized S2611. The House is much more representative of the American people than the eilist Senate
All your work is down the drain. And rightfully so. You shouldn't be interfering in the internal affairs of another nation. You wouldn't tolerate this kind of interference in your own land.
We have you outnumbered. We are stronger. We are more determined, because we can't leave, as you can. We have a stake in this nation We've got our backs to the wall, and like a cornered bear - we'll fight to the death. No choice. So give it up, lads and ladies and take the plane.

Anonymous said...

Yankee Doodle doesn't realize that the song was made famous by an Irishman, George M. Cohan.

In the movie, George was played by another paddy named Jimmy Cagney.

Tolstoy said...
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yankee doodle said...

Cagney was born in NYC in 1899, and he is half Norwegian. George Michael Cohan was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1878.

They're Americans. Both yankee doodles like me. Get your information straight, dude.

stone soldier said...

anonymoose didn't realize that georgie & jimmy are pure yankees, and not paddys at all.

Anonymous said...

anonymoose here
We all know they were Irish-American. Both celebrated their Irish roots in life and gave much to our country.

yankee doodle said...

I'm Irish-American, and I celebrate my culture. Celebrating my culture doesn't mean I can break the law. We all hear the excuse ---" oh, they;'re just celebrating their culture, or they're just trying to feed their families", etc. Al Capone wanted to feed his family too.
We make choices - you can do it the legal way or you can do it the illegal way. This applies to everything. You chose to cheat at school, or you chose to adhere to a standard of honor; you choose to pay your child support, or you choose to default; you choose to defend you country or you choose to desert; you choose to deposit money in a bank or choose to withdraw it.

In this particular thread (and similarlty in this whole blog) there's ...the implication that Cagney and Cohan are immigrants, but they're not. There's the implication that illegal aliens are immigrants, but they're not.

The phrase "nation of immigrants" is thrown around, but it's an oxymoron - a fantasy - something that doesn't exist. A nation is defines by common history, common culture, common language - none of which are present in a collection of foreigners.

Along with that is the claim that America was founded by immigrants, when in reality, all the founding fathers were American-born (with Hamilton having been born in the Carribbean to an American mother)

Finally, the myth that America was built by immigrants. Well, sure, the pyramids of Egypt were built by the Jews... the Turks built post-war Germany, and Palistinian oil workers mine the wealth of the the UAR. Large civilization-building projects often need temporary foreign workers. America was built by immigrants as Rome was built by immigrants, and no more than any other country or civilization was built by immigrants.

None of these myths provide justification for breaking the law

sean said...

Anybody who saw James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy knows Cohan was born in the States. Anybody who has heard Cagney speak in a movie (including the one where he played the IRA doctor) can tell he is from NY and not Ireland (he was a great song and dance man, but could not carry a brogue).

There was no implication that these great Irish-American entertainers were illegal immigrants. If there was any implication, it was that we have much to gain by legalizing the undocumented Irish.

yankee doodle said...

Exactly! They were acknowledging their own culture- Irish, Norwegian, but primarily American. As was Caesar Chevez. They were not condoning or encouraging illegal immigration. There is no connection. In fact a guy like Chevez, was on the record as being adamently against illegal immigration because it depressed the wages of his workers. But it's funny how things get twisted.

Among the 12+ million illegals aliens in the US, there has got to be a talent as great as Cagney deserving of our recognition, patronage, and support or a person destined to find the cure for cancer. But there are also the Jeffrey Dalmer types; anti-socials who wish to destroy society. How do you tell? Can you tell me some way to separate the good apples from the bad? Or perhaps there are no bad Irish apples.