Sunday, June 04, 2006

The good ship Catalpa

Last night, in a traditional Irish bar in the Bronx in the heart of the Irish neighborhood, that is being devastated because the Irish who inhabit it can not get greencards, a hero stepped up to the plate. Eugene, an Irish immigrant himself and successful business owner, donated his night's takings at his bar the Catalpa to the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

The place was packed from early with all sales going to the cause. The bar, in my opinion, is aptly named after the American historical ship that rescued six Irish revolutionaries from Australia in 1875 and returned them safely to New York under the protection of the stars and stripes.

Last night, an man made his effort to help rescue and revive his neighborhood of Irish immigrants to stay in America and become legal. I know the six revolutionaries who stepped off the ship had no green cards. They were welcomed with open arms and they dedicated themselves to their new home.

Today the fifty thousand Irish immigrants want to dedicate themselves to America and get legal and are working hard on the campaign to lobby Congress but everyone knows that money is required to do this.

Eugene and his staff know this and gave their night's takings, yes the bartenders put their tips in too. The community responded by turning up all night into the wee hours to put their money where their mouth is. As an Irish immigrant who desperately needs the greencard I will forever be grateful to the Catalpa for their generous gesture to help the Irish immigrants stay in America. Thank you Eugene last night you were our Captain Anthony who rescued the Irish with the good ship Catalpa and brought them safely to the United States.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eugene and to your staff. Outstanding jesture. I can't go to Washington with you all, because I'm one that had to take the trip home and couldn't get back. Am tuned in to what is going on and emailing/phoning the senators from Ireland. Keep the faith, fight to the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel - there has to be.

kathleen heviken said...

good luck on Wednesday the irish always put up a good fight dont lose the bottle best of irish luck kathleen heviken.