Monday, June 26, 2006

The Heritage

Hundreds packed into the Heritage last night for an evening of laughter in support of a very serious cause.

The raucous and happy mood was set by the comedic and musical genius of the Cray and Dempsey Experience.

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform Committee took the stage in wacky contumes and performed zany send-ups of each other that were enjoyed by all.

The highlight of the evening might have been when the favorite son of Erin and New York, John Duddy, finally met his match in a faux-fight with "The Bomber."

What appeared, on the surface, to be a carefree night filled with Irish laughter, masked the serious concerns of a community that faces dissolution unless Congress passes real comprehensive immigration reform.

Those that went to the Heritage did their part to support the hundreds who will rise before dawn on Wednesday June 28th to board the buses to Capitol Hill where they will sound the voice of Irish-America in a call to "Legalize the Irish!"

Irish-American communities throughout the country face the same set of dire circumstances. We must get Congress moving on immigration reform.

It is truly now or never.

We're in stoppage time. We need to go hard at it until the final whistle.

This is the ultimate elimination game. Win or go home. Literally.

We can win this one.

When we do, will you feel proud to have sat on the sideline and done nothing? Take the field and be part of the victory.

There is still time left to to get in the game.

Join the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform in Washington on Wednesday.

Sign up for the bus.

Make your way there anyway you can.

They're not the first to try it, but we have to tell Congress they will not brand the Irish as felons.

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Anonymous said...

You are all very well home to Ireland. Save your bus fare and help support the Irish at Aer Lingus. We've a quaint and shambolic health service waiting to make you wait. Avarious merchants, builders and estate agents. What more could you wish for?

Yes! Stand by me and get on that plane. Show the world the Irish believe in rule of law. Even 'Deh Bert' claims to.