Thursday, November 16, 2006


Anonymous said...

I plan on coming from jersey to NYC for the meeting.

Where exactly is St. Barnabas?

Anonymous said...

I am an Irish-American, and I oppose an amnesty for illegal immigrants. My town is becoming a part of Mexico.

Why not just enforce our laws and give a fair number of green cards to the Irish instead of giving Mexico the majority of green cards and allowing them to break our laws?

The entire population of Ireland is smaller then the entire Hispanic Illegal Alien population in the USA. I say enforce our laws and instead of giving the majority of green cards to Mexico give Ireland more.

Luke said...

"Enforce our laws" sounds good, but it is unrealistic.

There are simply not enough resources to round up and sort through the 11-12 million people who are living undocumented in the United States. 50,000 of those undocumented immigrants are Irish.

A path to earned legalized status is NOT amensty. The comprehensive immigration reform proposed in the original McCain/Kennedy Bill set forth stiff financial penalties, payent of back taxes, and criminal background checks. Anybody who is willing and able to meet these difficult hurdles should get a chance to earn their way to legal status.

People who are willing to bust their hump to meet these requirements are the kind of hardworking go-getters this country needs.

Kevin O'Hagen said...

Interesting ponts that Luke makes. Why not raise the "hurdles"? Include jail time as part of the "stiff penalties". Include military service. All young Americans today are required to register with Selective Service. As soon as they bring back the draft, the illegals will leave in droves. You don't have to round up the illegals, just implement a few targeted regulations, and illegal immigrants will self-deport.

We subsidize, and encourage illegal immigration. Just remove those incentives, and the problem will go away. Most contries don't have the resources of the the US. Most countries don't have the illegal immigration problems of the US. It doesn't ake a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Cain Able said...

You don't round up and sort thru the illegal aliens, you just remove the subsidies and discontinue the incentives.

Lt Cmdr Queeg said...

Cain, please identify the specific "subsidies" that you propose should be removed and the specific "incentives" you propose should be discontinued?

I am unaware of any "subsidies" being provided to the undocumented Irish.

Cain Able said...

Be glad to. The big one is automatic unconditional citizenship by birth - an illegal would have an incentive to remain in the US long enough to give birth to a child (anchor baby is the term commonly used), and by virtue of being a parent a of an American citizen, that illegal would gain some protection from deportation and be able to get sponsorship for legal status through that child. I know it sounds crazy, but note that Ireland did away with the practice of citizenship by birth precisely because of the phenomenon of "birth tourism".

Another is the sanctuary policies of many US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, etc. whereby an illegal commiting a crime will not be asked his immigration status. In other words, a federal fugitive will not be turned in to federal immigration authorities.

I'm not going to elaborate on the incentives/subsidies we give in the area of k-12 education; hospital care; welfare, and employment. But we all see it - people who are obviously illegal who are working, whose kids are attending public schools; who receive medical care at American hospitals, who use food stamps in the supremarket, etc., etc.

If you offered a discounted train ticket to legal residents, a discounted tuition rate to legal residents, welfare benefits only to legal residents, drivers licenses only to legal residents, health insurance only to legal residents, rent an apartment only to legal residents, a discounted mortgage rate only to legal residents, grant a tax id number only to legal residents, the illegal residents would quickly find that life in the US would be too expensive for them to remain here, and they would leave.

You tax illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Your anchor baby/sanctuary rant is fails to list one "subsidy" or "incentive."

You said you wanted "subsidies" cut. Please list at least one specific subsidy received by the undocumented Irish that you want cut. You need not elaborate upon it, just list the subsidy.

I know it sounds crazy, but please provide some substantiation for yoour inaccurate description of the immigration law relating to what you call "birth tourism." In other words, please cite the specific statute or court decision that provides protection from deportation and allows for the immediate unqualified sponsorship by a child US citizen of his undocumented parent.

NO city or local law enforcement agency has an official policy of refusing to inquire about the immigration status of a person arrested for committing a crime.

Some cities do not ask about the immigration status of crime victims and witnesses to crimes because they hope to encourage cooperation between law enforcement and the immigrant community.

If you can identify the "obviously illegal who are working" by sight alone, you may wish to contact the ICE and share your extraordinary gift to help them with workplace enforcement.

Your list of amenities to be offered only to legal residents, does not provide us with specific subsidies and incentives received by the undocumented Irish that you wish to cut off.

By the way, I bet you aren't even from America. Can the site administratpor's check this out for us? Why don't you post anti-immigrant stuff in your own country's websites?

cain able said...

I keep responding, but the moderator doesn't let my message get posted. ratz! you win, anaonymous!

cain able said...

I keep responding, but the moderator doesn't let my message get posted. ratz! you win, anaonymous!

cain able said...

Anonymous; I could write a book in response to the issues you bring up. It's just too much for one post, so I apologize in advance if I leave some things short.
My "rant", as you call it, did list at least one incentive, and that one incentive is the following: "citizenship by birth policy".

One specific subsidy received by illegal aliens (which includes undocumented Irish) which many of us believe should be eliminated is the following: Education; specifically In-State Tuition rates.

As related to my use of the term "birth tourism" (actually the term is citizenship tourism - same concept though), here is some more information about it:
Ireland votes to end birth right citizenship....Irish voters have overwhelmingly backed the tightening of their citizenship laws, final referendum results show. .... The government said change was needed because foreign women were travelling to Ireland to give birth in order to get an EU passport for their babies. ..... Ireland's Justice Minister Michael McDowell said there was evidence of what he termed "citizenship tourism". ....The government says the law, as it stands, provides a loophole that is being exploited.

Moving on to the issue of "sanctuary policies". LA has something called "special order 40". the details of which are as follows:
Special Order 40, which originated 17 years ago with the L.A. City Council, mandates that police not question anyone they arrest about their immigration status until after criminal charges have been made. This mandate not only doesn't make sense, it is a virtual invitation for illegal alien criminals to come to Los Angeles. While a police officer may do a complete "make" on suspects stopped for minor traffic infractions, incredibly, they are not allowed by LAPD policy to inquire on the legal residency status of suspected felons.

I don't identify illegal aliens by sight alone. I am not superman, and possess only the 5 senses. I have personally known, have met, and currently know many illegal aliens. I have contacted ICE.
Let me conclude with a brief discussion of subsidies...incentives...taxes...deterrent...penalties, etc. These are all different sides of the same coin. Some of our mass transit systems are subsidized by municipal government and the taxpayers. If a train ticket "cost" is $10, and the passenger pays $5, the other $5 (of cost) is subsidized by the taxpayers. You can give someone a tax credit for installing solar energy devices, which serves as an incentive by lowering the individual's tax penalty. You can remove the death penalty for murder, and replace it with a "slap with a wet noodle', and you may find that the murder rate would increase. By reducing the deterrent for the crime of murder, you have provided an incentive for people to commit murder.

In my list of amenities, I didn't mean to imply that i wanted these "cut off" and denied these to illegals. Only that illegals would pay more than legal residents for these services, thus giving them a disincentive or deterrent to remaining in the country; effectively giving legal residents a "discount",
As far as my identity and background, I could be a grandma, I could be a 12 year old kid. I could be physically in Timbuktu or Tahachape or the Garden of Eden. I choose not to disclose. Call it my cyber perogative.

This "stuff", as you call it, is not pro-immigrant not ant-immigrant, but anti-illegal alien. Immigrants are not the focus in my posts. Only illegal aliens.

That all for now, Sorry if i didn't address all your points in depth.

P.S partial list of amenities - by no means complete or thorough: (use of the highways; railroads; sidewalks; telephone system; parks; use of police and fire protection; libraries; internet access; food and agricultural inspection; airplanes; tv; radio; broadcast networks; court system;....employment!)