Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Anonymous said... look at this and see how the reform bill died. thanks sean

Anonymous said...

GREAT to see you back Sean!
Keep the color pictures coming.
Blog had been a bit to much black and white the last few months.
Keep up the great work you do.
Happy 4th July!

irishgirl said...

I just checked out that website and I am appalled. the "illegal alien agenda"? Who are these people? There are about 12 of these kinds of people who stand outside where the day laborers stand on the weekends in my town. I am thinking about staging a "counter-protest."
they get coverage in the newspaper and everyrthing. Someone has to let people know that the anti immigrant sentiment IS NOT the majority!

Barry said...

"Someone has to let people know that the anti immigrant sentiment IS NOT the majority!"

Soryr darling, but that's bullshit. Most Americans believe that levels of immigration--both legal & illegal--are too high. But we're a kind people, we're a polite people. In some ways, we're too kind, too polite--we want to be liked, we don't want to offend. So while most of us are very unhappy with illegal aliens, we're also--as individuals--polite to you. But don't misunderstand: we're working hard to get a third party "immigration" ticket on the ballot for 2008 or 2012. When we succeed, we'll send you illegals packing.

irishgirl said...

Barry - don't you dare "darling" me. I very highly doubt that ANYONE sees you as polite or "wanting to be liked."