Sunday, July 01, 2007

Legalize the Irish!

I have to say, I'm glad theres only a hour left in this week - its been roller coaster, to say the least.

But tomorrow morning is truly the beginning of the next phase of our campaign. Over the last 18 months, we have collectively learned so much, we've achieved so much and we have educated so many people along the way, who never even knew there was such a thing as an undocumented Irish immigrant! These achievements are the foundation we can build the next phase of this campaign on. We knew this wasn't going to be the 100 yard dash – nothing in politics ever is. The marathon to legalize the Irish was always going to be just that, a marathon. And we have all done the necessary training to get us over the finish line together!

Lets continue to build on all our hard work of the last 18 months and get this job done, once and for all!


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Irish are legal. Back in Ireland. Get the connection there? Irish, Ireland.

Let me clue you in on something: you won't win many friends among Americans who have any balls whatsoever by putting exclamation points at the end of sentences like "Legalize the Irish!" -- as if it's some sort of demand that we're supposed to immediately accede to.

...educated so many people...

Exactly who have you "educated", and what have you taught them? Look: I think most Americans are perfectly aware that there are Irish people here illegally who would like to stay. Again, to help you out: you won't make many new friends with that sort of condescending nonsense.

My advice to you, and to all other Irish people here illegally, is this: wrap up your affairs in an orderly way and return home now while you have the chance. Because there won't be any amnesty. And tougher enforcement times are ahead. No disrespect to you and all other illegal Irish. But by coming or staying here illegally you've disrespected Americans and our laws.

We can see and appreciate the human side of this issue as well as you or anyone else.

But we already admit more legal immigrants than all other nations combined.

Enough is enough.


Brendan said...

Why not just go home to Ireland? Ireland has a booming economy and is one of wealthiest nations on Earth. The average Irishman is much wealthier than the average American. All these immigrants from around the world are gaining U.S. citizenship while keeping dual citizenship with another country. Why don't you have sympathy for the average American instead of campaigning to devalue everyone's citizenship to the point where we are just all a bunch a serfs?

George said...

Judging from the title of your post....

Perhaps this is a good strategy given the relatively small number of out-of-status Irish in the US, that is, to legalize Europeans, Engish language speakers, and I'm sure this would appeal to some Americans, BUT I believe it also may alienate many others.

Secondly, it's a good idea for the imms to start fighting among themselves... "legalize ME", etc...

I believe good, sensible, and practical imm. reform is needed, and there shouldn't be discrimination based on criteria whereas people from a particular country for example would only be preferred.

My suggestion is to pass smaller bills, starting with those who've been in the country for a long time, then on to education and skills, etc. Also, the legal passage has to be revamped too, because the waiting times & expense are simply ridiculous.

One more thing, I don't think it's a good idea for those who want to be legal Americans to protest holding flags of foreing countries. I understand the dual citizenship situation [most previous imms had the same thing] and the emotional attachment to the old country, but this imm. issue is also emotional, so you have to win not only the minds, but the hearts of the American people! The latter, and all the recent imms & their relatives can make it politically costly to the obstructionists and to those who don't want any imm. reform.

Mitt IzIt said...

EH, Brendan, George;
Refreshing diaqlogue by you guys, and some very valuable points made. However, I take liberty to contribute my wish list.
At the the top is the notion of "caps". You take an assessment of the current population of the US (300 million - 3rd to China and India); the current population growth rate 1.1% (compared to .1% of Europe. The US has the highest rate of populaton growth of the industrialized nation, and is among the top 8 world wide); and the current immigration rates (highest in the world; equal or greater than that of all immigrant-accepting nations combined)
Then you extrapolate. Where does the US want to be population-wise in 2025? 2050? 2075? 2100? You set nation goals, and then adjust immigration policy to meet those goals. So folks, elect me - and I will solve this mess.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Izit
While your population numbers look good on paper you are miss leading with your numbers over 77 million Americans are going to pass away from old age in the next 30 years and there not coming back.
Mostly white europens this is also the end of the GOP party goodby I hope that magic man in the sky you run campains on is there
St Patrick