Monday, April 28, 2008

Raise ambition level on immigration, says ILIR

Time is pressing

By Irish Echo Staff

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform said this week that its goals are the same as when it was founded in December 2005. It wants to find a path to legal status for the undocumented Irish in the U.S., and a path to legal status for future Irish immigrants.

But says Executive Director Kelly Fincham in an opinion piece in this week's Irish Echo, time is pressing. "The Economist recently warned that the weakening Irish property market could topple the country's economy because of Ireland's dependence on construction-related
revenue," she writes.

"Unemployment in the Republic is higher than it has been in a decade, while the first quarter's increase in unemployment was the worst since 1975. Thousands of construction jobs are also at risk in the North because of the downturn in building activity," she adds.

"Our community is in deep difficulty. A two-tier structure has emerged in Irish neighborhoods over legal status," she argues. "Organizations such as the GAA are unable to play games in Ireland because of visa issues, while Irish immigration centers across the U.S. are reporting a surge in new arrivals."

"From the very beginning, the ILIR aligned ourselves with the Kennedy/McCain bill, which sought to create a conditional path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants. Kennedy/McCain did not promote amnesty, and neither did we. We have never sought amnesty for the undocumented Irish. We sought legality," Fincham says.

And she adds: "We believe it's time to lift the ambition level. Let's work towards a solution which reverses what Senator Kennedy described as the one of the unforeseen consequences of the 1965 Immigration Act: the 'dramatic and significant' discrimination against Irish immigrants
to the U.S."


crater face said...

"Organizations such as the GAA are unable to play games in Ireland because of visa issues.... Why? because those players who are illegal immigrants, will not be allowed back into US? O, man!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't it been said before that this is a forum for Supporters of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform? If you don't support it keep your opinions to yourself. We hear enough negativity without having to read it on the ILIR website as well. Start up your own blog to bash the undocumented. Your ignorant narrow minded views are not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Its to late the building industry has finished in Ireland.There is no work here the latest factory to start letting people go is dell .Biggest young population in Europe and jobs going east this country will be in some mess in 3 or 4 years.If your coming back here by a bullet proff vest
The Island

crater face said...

You have a strict moderator to filter messages. Apparently, Sean felt mine passed muster. Naturally, by not allowing diverse opinions, you guarantee the messages on this blog will be only ignorant narrow minded views.

Anonymous said...

Taoiseach addresses US Congress
Wednesday, 30 April 2008 16:49
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has addressed a joint meeting of the US Houses of Congress.

Mr Ahern began by asking the US Congress to try and find a solution and open the path to permanent residency for the undocumented Irish in America.

He implored them to address the implications and to regulate the status for illegal Irish immigrants.

AdvertisementReferring to the shared history of America and Ireland, he said that since the 17th and 18th century the Irish had helped to 'build America'.

He referred to the struggle for success immigrants from Ireland to America had endured and the fact that America was always their 'destiny'.

Anonymous said...

I'm Mexican, and I support a reform not just for Irish, but for all the illegal immigrants, i was surprise that Irish have the same problem that in latin america, i didn't know that there where illegals from Ireland.
The only thing that is different is that Europe illegals don't suffer from persecution by racial profile, as my Hispanic people, but you can understand this, Irish suffer from this, in the early 1900


Anonymous said...

Few Details on Immigrants Who Died in U.S. Custody

NY Times Article. Must read:


It's not just Irish or Mexican issue. It's also an issue for others from around the word.

The NY Times article just infuriates me as a human. In a country like America which claims to be the flag bearer of liberty and life... this happens is appalling.

Immigrants legal and undocumented both strive to make ends meet, to feed their families and make a better life for themselves and their dependents. America the most powerful and the richest country int he world has garbage in its underbelly!

Appalled at ICE outsourcing detention facilities to Corporations (we would like to know who runs these corporations and if they are connected to any Nativist/GOP/racist group/organizations!) How and where the money allocated from ICE/DHS allocated to these corporations are being used.

Am going to write to my Senators and Congress Men to look deeper into this matter!

Seriously am appalled!