Thursday, May 08, 2008

Immigration Effort Back on Track

The ILIR met with Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern, last week in an effort to write a new chapter in the push for immigration reform in the US.

As the Irish Echo put it this week, that effort is now Back On Track while the Irish Voice said there is a real need to work together.

We all hope that the immigration effort is back on track now with the Irish Government and ILIR working together to secure a future for the Irish in America.

ILIR vice-chairman Ciaran Staunton and Executive Director Kelly Fincham also met with the House speaker Nancy Pelosi (see picture above) who said she would be calling on the Irish to help support efforts to usher in immigration reform in the next Congress.

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Anonymous said...

The GAA should pull out of the champion ship to high light the cause .Dermot Ahern has provren to be no use on this matter he has let the Irish down all ready under Berty .And Brian Cowan will fellow the last leader on this matter its the same circus just different clowans runing things in Ireland
The Island