Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FG's McHugh set for Democratic Convention

Seems that FG TD Joe McHugh is going to Colorado to lobby presidential hopeful Barack Obama on the immigration issue. We're not sure how successful this will be given that Trina Vargo's name is increasingly being bandied about as Obama's Irish liasion.

If Obama wants to reach out to the Irish how come he's not talking to the people behind the Irish American media? There has been no reach out to the publishers of the Irish Echo, Irish America magazine, or Irish Voice. A source from his campaign said he would bypass the Irish American media in favor of appealing to the Irish through their faith.

Far be it from us to point out that the last president to win the Irish vote by appealing to their religion was Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

FG and Joe McHugh will fix it all then.?

beer factor said...

Naw, Obama must appeal through the drink. That's the religion of the irish.

Anonymous said...

Joe McHugh and Trina Vargo's, a waste of time and money.
Better of trying the Mc Cain crew, at least there was ONE time Mc Cain was willing to try and do something for us.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mc Cain's pick for irish liasion?
Is anyone from the Irish goverment going to meet with them?