Friday, August 15, 2008

Ireland and America - Time to start talking

There's a lot of disquiet in the Irish American community over Obama's failure to reach out to Irish America. Great piece by Tom Hayden in the Huffington Post this week which we have posted below. Given the economic upheaval in Ireland, now would be the time for an Irish American initiative which will bring both countries closer together. As others have often noted; Irish people are closer to those in Britain, Australia and the US. Unfortunately for those of us concerned with Irish American ties, it's simple for an Irish person to move to Britain or Australia. It's almost impossible for an Irish person to move here - or indeed, for an American with Irish ties to move to Ireland.


basic instinct said...

But you know how severely the Irish are discrimnated against in England. It's historic, and permiates the society. The English social structure is possibly the most intolerant and class-conscious on the planet. In England the Irish are the butte of Irish jokes and little more.
You can listen to the BBC, and anytime they wish to depict a reporter as being incredible, they have that reporter speak with an Irish accent. For an Irishman to face discrimination in London,all he has to do is open his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Do what a lot of us cant do or wont do MARRY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

I notice that your lastest post mentions Dave McWilliams. His book the generation game is all about the Irish American relationships and how 2nd generation Irish people should be allowed back to Ireland with Visa to help improve the economy.

Interesting debate, but I doubt it will ever happen. Would be great if it did



basic instinct said...

Good point from Brian. No matter how much the US immigration system is criticized, it is far far more tolerant and liberal than that of Ireland.