Monday, January 30, 2006

The Irish American ties

With regard to the current debate, please allow me to raise a few points which may be of use to others in forming a positive coalition of action.
In 1994 George W. Bush defeated Ann Richards for the Governorship of Texas. This was accomplished with the help of a P.R executive, Rob Allyn, who subsequently helped Mr. Bush with both of his successful Presidential bids. Mr. Allyn, who also helped Mexican President Fox in his electoral campaigns, has recently been retained by Mr. Fox, ostensibly to `market` Mexico`s input and approach to the impending U.S Immigration legislation. Indeed, it has been suggested that Mr. Allyn`s Mexican brief has the tacit encouragement of the U.S Executive Branch. This would seem to make sense, if it is accepted that President Bush has a very positive, indeed liberal view on immigration.
During the 2000 election, one of the central talking points of the campaign was Immigration Reform. When Mr. Bush became President, the general perception was that significant progress was about eighteen months down the road, and I well remember my heart skipping a beat at the prospects
Unfortunately, this country suffered a devastating blow on the 11th of September, 2001 and, while we all have war stories from that day of infamy, and grieved with the rest of America, life went on.
In the past few years, security at ports, airports and the U.S/Canada border have been greatly enhanced, and recently, much media attention has been afforded to the problems posed by illegal entry from the south. Unlawful infringments are classified as either Mexican or OTM (other than Mexican). In my opinion, there is a state of near-paranoia that people of nefarious intent could breach the U.S/Mexican border, bringing in weapons with them. While it is outrageous that any nation should be forced to counter such evil ideology, it is a fact that these are the times we live in.
A few years ago, I was in a chain bookshop in Manhattan, and wanting to purchase a book, I went to an assistant. When I told her that the book was called `How The Irish Saved Civilization`, she asked me if there was such a book, perplexedly. I bought two copies of Tomas Cahill`s masterpiece, got one of them wrapped, and gave it to her.
Let us all, for the next few months, continue to be upbeat and goodhumoured, and accentuate the greatest thing we`ve brought to this Nation; our Irishness, and our love of life. America and Ireland have, for centuries, enjoyed a close relationship.America never had a more constant, unwavering, loyal friend on the international stage, and the onus is on all of us to maintain and strengthen these ties.
At a gathering of the American Bar Association in Dublin, some time in 2000, Tanaiste/ Deputy Irish Prime Minister Mary Harney, in the course of her speech, stated;"Geographically we are closer to Berlin than Boston. Spiritually we are probably a lot closer to Boston than Berlin". Hopefully, the same spiritual closeness will resonate in our favour when the U.S Senate deliberates our status in the next few months.
Thank You To A Great Movement,
Le Meas,

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see the Irish come together. America and Ireland have always had a special relationship. Too bad Bush is such a whimp.