Thursday, January 19, 2006

Waiting Paddy: I'd love to pay taxes...

Well hi there - my Mam texted me today to ask me to listen to the Pat Kenny show on RTE! Irish Radio Station - which was about the scams about the green cards - I have been living here undocumented for nearly 2 years. I came over here for the love of someone, I have enough money to live on, I don't take advantage of anything but like everyone else, can't get a driver's licence etc and as result have a big fear of getting ill or being in a car smash - My brother is a US citizen and sponsored me and it, by all accounts can take up to 14 years - I have outstayed my visitors visa now by 12 months and like everyone else wonder what will happen if something happens at home that I have to go home?? I think it is stupid - If I don't have to work, at least I should be able to get a driver's licence - I'm still working on my bank account in europe so that's not a problem. I would be more that willing to pay taxes etc, but this country won't let me - what's that all about? Look at the way Ireland has changed now - and after all - America has been built on immigration - without us - America wouldn't be as good as it is???? I need some real help. Thank you for listening. Your's... a waiting paddy!


Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat as you.
I am here 10 years undocumented.
The best way to get help is to help yourself. Jion the ILIR and get involved.BE PREPARED TO FIGHT for what you want and for what all us undocumented want.Get as many other people involved as you can,write,phone and e mail your senators your house rep and tell them your story.If you want
to change the system ,you will have too!!!!!!!!! THERE IS A VERY LOUD VOICE IN NUMBERS and with an estamated 40,000 Irsh undocumented here that voice can not be swept under the rug, WASHINGTON WILL HERE US if we all shout together!
If you want to stay here and live the Ammerican dream start shouting
for it now!!!!

All the best Paddy!

Anonymous said...

If you have so much money why dont you come and go every 3 months .Your new stamp would let you drive on an IRISH liceance fully legal and you have no job to stop you time off is not a problem

Anonymous said...

The EIIC (Emerald Isle Immigration Centre) (718)478.5502 is located in Woodside, Queens and Woodlawn, the Bronx and the information that they provide may be able to help you with your financial question. I have always reccommended them to people with problems related to immigration. After all, they helped blow the lid off many of these scam artists! Their services are free of charge and they are the best at what they do.
Good luck to you, the EIIC and the ILIR!

Anonymous said...

no work for 2 years who said you can't live on love alone tell us the secret

jazzette said...

You do not have to pay taxes if you are not working. If your are working off the books you should apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number from the IRS web site. My husband pays taxes as an Independent Contractor (one who works for himself) he says he does carpenter work so he does not get his employer in trouble.

The US government LOVES receiving taxes and would never turn down such an opportunity. Plus Emerald Isle Immigration Centre suggested it because most of the adjustment of status bills (I hope your wife is a US citizen so she can petition you)will look to see if you have been paying taxes for the last two years.

Anonymous said...

You CAN pay your taxes.

You just have to file IRS Form W-7 with your federal tax return; in fact if you go to certain IRS-authorized offices directly with your tax returns, you can get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) right away. The immigration authorities don't care about your lack of status.

Groups like the Emerald Isle Immigration Center in Queens and the Bronx can help with info on taxes, etc.

Let's get a workable immigration law, but with the House of Representatives passing such a xenophobic bill on December 15th in HR 4437, I have my doubts about what will happen in thre Senate.

Son of a Daughter of Leitrim

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky one not having to work, think of all the illegal immigrants in your boat that work, are forced to drive in order to keep their job and livelyhood, you have no worries. And, last time I checked, it was the working class immigrants that helped build America in the late 1800's to mid 1900's, not the non-working, vacationing immigrants.