Thursday, September 07, 2006

ILIR returns to Washington

Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform supporters and volunteers are heading back to Washington DC from across the country to attend a rally this afternoon in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

In June, House leadership stalled a conference committee on the bipartisan Senate Bill that would provide earned legal status for thousands of undocumented Irish living in America.

Instead of working together toward a compromise solution between the two bills that were passed, House leadership called for further "hearings." They flew themselves around the country to listen to hand-picked witnesses read aloud from pre-scripted testimony bashing the Senate Bill and blaming immigrants for every problem under the sun.

Throughout the summer Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform supporters and volunteers politely and patiently attended these so-called hearings to make sure the Irish, were at least seen if not heard.

The House now returns to Washington and they seem content to do nothing about immigration after wasting the entire summer on so-called immigration hearings.

Irish Lobby for Imigration Reform volunteers and supporters plan to attend this afternoon's rally to urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

The American-Irish community hangs in the balance.

Congressional action on immigration is needed to save our American-Irish communities.

Wear your Legalize the Irish tee shirt this afternoon (even if you cannot go to the rally in DC) and tell people to support comprehensive immigration reform.

Call your local House Representative. Tell your representative that you support the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform and want to see Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform that give the undocumented Irish a chance to earn their way to legal status.

Check the ILIR website for further details on getting involved.

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