Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Irish Heritage Festival, Montgomery, New York


Anonymous said...

Great work people!
Mary Foley

Anonymous said...

well done I L I R team good jod on the info. desk at the festival, it was very infomative to me. and everyone that i spoke with at the desk was so helpful.
thanks again you guys.

Anonymous said...

About time we had the real facts about the wonderfull Irish in America I am a third generation Irish American and found so much help and knowledge from these great young people that give up so much time and effort,to make sure us Americans are informed about the Undocumented Status of the Irish here today.I have since wrote my congress man and also the President to let him know how i feel about all you great people who work so hard to make this Country what it is made up of.

Tammy Davis Orange County N,Y.