Thursday, December 14, 2006

As Christmas approaches, thousands of undocumented Irish across America rush to make sure the cards, letters and parcels of gifts they are sending to Ireland are timely posted to parents and family they will not see for yet another year. Some gifts are sent to young nieces and nephews they have never met.

The undocumented Irish resign themselves to a 2006 holiday season of lonely isolation. Visiting Ireland to be with family at Christmas means risking the life they have worked so hard to build for themselves here in America.

While Christmas shopping this weekend, I was pretty much caught up in the holiday spirit (and nearly swept away by the crowds near Rockefeller Center) when my iPod randomly played a Prodigals song brought to mind just how difficult the holiday season can be for the undocumented Irish.

But the New Year is coming and with it comes the opportunity to join the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform for another Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. I can hardly wait to welcome the 2007 Congress.

Under new leadership and determined effort from the thousands of American-Irish supporters of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, Congress will finally enact the long overdue comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

The undocumented Irish love this country and deserve a chance to earn their way to legal status in America.

When Congress passes immigration reform, 2007 will be a Happy New Year indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Manhattan you're so beautiful in your winter's twilight sky

Your streets are full and buzzing, yeah it's Christmas time again

I'm looking out my window on the 27th floor

My view's a hundred taxis, I'm stuck here once again

Ireland how I miss you at old Christmas time

when the lads are coming home from the corners of the world

Telling stories of their travels as they knock the Guiness down

I'd really like to see you all, haven't got the bloody card

Ireland how I miss you, once again this year

From a subway car to an uptown bar, have a happy new year

You can get anything you want here, well if you're in the know

From pickle-flavored gumballs to a thousand hand grenades

But if you want a green card well you'd better think again

'Cause the bureaucratic bulls*** makes you want to shoot the lot
pom pom pom!

Ireland how I miss you, once again this year

From a taxi cab going down fifth ave,
hope the summer's good this year

I've called a hundred lawyers, politicians just a few

but the answer that they give me always seems to be the same

"If you want a green card, better find yourself a wife

I'm sorry son, you're stuck here, better try again next year"

Ireland how I miss you, once again this year

So I'll raise my glass and I'll take a chance,

and I'll see you all next year.