Monday, December 11, 2006

Making the NYT Editorial Page

Well, you know you've made it in the US when you make the front page of the paper of record AND the editorial page, all in the same year. Imagine that! A year and a day after the birth of the ILIR, The New York Times tells readers that "the Irish cause is just" in a piece about the Schumer rally. (How Green Was My Valley)

Would have been nice if the writer had picked up the phone and called someone in the ILIR to get some of his facts straight. (But at least, unlike certain other media outlets, he recognized the importance of the Irish in America)

The world and its mother knows the now faltering Celtic Tiger has been a mythical beast in large parts of Ireland. The real reason people are leaving Wooodlawn is because they can't live without a car; the cars have been taken off them. The cars have been taken off them because someone had the bright idea of turning the DMV into a branch of the immigration service. So now they're packing up and leaving, involuntarily.

And no-one's coming out to replace them because there's no legal channel to do so. The message has gone out loud and clear from the United States; "Don't even think of coming out here without a visa". So now the Irish are going to Australia.

Personally, I would be sad to see the historic links between Ireland and the US destroyed especially in such a piecemeal way. But maybe no-one else does?

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