Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Founding Illegals - NY Times editorial

The following is an excerpt from today's New York Times editorial Our Founding Illlegals, by William Hogeland:

EVERY nation is a nation of immigrants. Go back far enough and you’ll find us all, millions of potential lives, tucked in the DNA of our African mother, Lucy. But the immigrant experience in the United States is justly celebrated, and perhaps no aspect of that experience is more quintessentially American than our long heritage of illegal immigration.


Descendants of the great immigration experiences of the 19th and 20th centuries visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to learn of the tribulations of ancestors who risked much to become Americans. Those of us whose ancestors risked everything as illegal immigrants, and in the process helped found a nation, owe our forebears a debt of gratitude, too. Without their daring disregard of immigration laws, we might not be here today.

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Anonymous said...

Through out history the people who can't keep up with the rest of the country find someone to blame for their problems. How could anyone who was born and rared in this country by a half normal family be in competion with a South American for a job. The following is everything the native has in his favor #1 can speak the langauge #2 can read the Langauge #3 Is given public schooling . If a person has all this do they realy want to wash dishes ,cut grass,be delivery boys, clean toilets,cut grass just to name but a few jobs they steal from us .May its because they cant speak ,read or write the langauge that they do so well . If you are hopeing to do one of the jobs why not learn Spanish because you clearly learnt nothing when you had the chance but yet you want us tax payers to keep you for the rest of your life. Learn from the new comers hard work pays off.We need immigrants to keep this country great i dont send my kids to school to cut grass America wake up

Micheal Furlong

Luke & Emer said...

Some shout down the undocumented as "illegals" who should be banned forever.

This editorial shows that the current immigration laws are not holy scripture carved in stone, but man-made laws that can and should be changed to adapt to the country's needs.

Today's immigration laws are not working and we need to change them.

We need to Legalize the undocumented Irish.

Hey, Congress, put your shoulder to the wheel and get this done!

Carl Sagen said...

Micheal Furlong;
You certainly can't write the "language". BTW, what do you do for a living? How do you make ends meet?