Saturday, September 22, 2007

DMV posts new policy online

The New York DMV has posted details of the new policy online. You can read it by clicking here Hopefully, other states will see the sense in knowing who's on the roads and making sure they're insured. Please keep those faxes/emails and letters going into Governor Spitzer's office. And if you're living in other states, maybe you should put a quick call into YOUR Governor's office asking them to do the sensible thing.

In other news; some people have sent in offensive comments to the blog. It is this blog author's policy NOT to publish offensive comments from people who are too cowardly to leave their name or email. Hope that answers your question.


Jill said...

Great News!

Looks like its only for License Renewal at this early stage?

Any news on when/if First Time Applicants can apply?

I have an SSN, and I am paying Taxes for 5 years, but couldnt apply for a DL previously as my Visa expired.

Comments welcome.

Name_Withheld_By_Request said...

Why would anyone send an offensive comment to your blog. Everybody adores the Irish. They rock!

Anonymous said...

The DMV states that new applicants can begin applying in April. It's also in the news story below!!! This is great news. If Patrick can't do it in Mass then I'm up for upping stakes and moving to NY too. But I'll still be a red soxer!