Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally some sense on the radio!

Ann from Queens - and also a volunteer with the ILIR - got on the phone-in to the Brian Lehrer show and described how her life as a mother of two small children would improve under Governor Spitzer's new rules.

Ann provided some of the discussion's more illuminating points when she said;

I've been here 10 years, I pay my taxes, I have a tax ID

This is it; in a nutshell; our ghost citizens can pay their taxes, contribute to the economy (see the story from the NYT today) yet people such as John J. Flanagan (R-2nd , Suffolk County) won't be happy until they've chased all the immigrants out of the US.

Flanagan was debating the issue on the Lehrer show with Jose M. Serrano (D-28th, The Bronx and East Harlem) with Serrano defending the governor and Flanagan attacking the policy for "rewarding" illegal immigration.

Ain't it funny how some people with Irish names seem to have conveniently forgotten that their ancestors must have crossed the Atlantic at some point? Flanagan and his ilk live in a dream world where immigrants wait patiently for some mythical visa. Memo to Flanagan. THEY"RE AIN'T NO VISA PROGRAMS OUT THERE.

Please, someone help us get out of this mess!

And fair play to ya Ann, for telling it like it is!!


shoot straiter said...

The idea is not to chase all the immigrants out of the USA. The idea is to removed (i.e. deport) the illegal aliens. Legal immigrants are not being targeted.


just shows what u know about the US immigration system. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to legally immigrate into the United States, If you removed those blinkers from your eyes and actually read up on the subject you might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Damn Republicans! This Video Says it ALL!;jsessionid=F74E86FB3EA2B1362F29FF0E362D2F3A?contentId=4473466&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Anonymous said...

If they are illegal... then make them legal since they are already here.

Who are these cockroaches to decide who is to stay and who has to leave?? My Great Great Great Grandparents came here and we have all contributed. That means if they are allowed they will contribute (each one of them have already contributed to our economy without any expectations...)

Anonymous said...

I'd be all for giving legal immigrants with work ID's drivers licenses. They are the ones who can currently get an 'ineligible' affidavit from the SS administration.

What I have a problem with is someone illegally in the country getting a license with a very common name and no other identifying information. All so they can drive to a job where they earn cash wages and pay no taxes.