Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paul and Jenny's Story

Anyone who has attended an ILIR function in Boston or Washington over the past two years will probably remember meeting Paul and Jenny Ladd.
The young Irish couple lived in Boston for the past 12 years and built up a successful life and busines there.
Their life in the US came to an abrupt end last summer when they were pulled over on a routine trafic stop in New Hampshire.
They have tried every means possible to stay in the US, but, as all of us know, years of tax-paying, law-abiding, community-spirited behaviour counts for nothing if you don't have a visa.
Their story was published in the Irish Times on Tuesday. Please click here to read it.

Sheila Gleeson, the Executive Director of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers said:

The couple were tireless advocates for immigration reform for as long as I have know them (more then 5 years). When I saw this story last night I was not surprised to see that, in spite of the fact that they will not benefit themselves, they are continuing to fight for immigration reform to the end.

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