Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Irish urged to revisit visa deal with U.S.

The Irish Echo interviewed ILIR vice-chairman Ciaran Staunton this week. Ciaran is in Ireland talking to the Irish Government about the need for a US-Irish solution to immigration reform, particularly something that will allow for more regular movement of citizens from both countries.

The meeting came in the same week that leading San Francisco-based reform campaigner, Bart Murphy, called for a bilateral deal between Dublin and Washington along the lines of an existing visa treaty between the U.S. and Australia. (more)


jim said...

At least someone's still sticking up for us; I'm afraid we're going to be lost in the wreckage of the economic crisis. Finally, people have stopped trying to sell us the shite about the celtic tiger

Paddy said...

And what shite it was boy; blind man on a galloping horse could have told them that - now i'm down to two choices - stay here and be illegal or go home and be unemployed...some choice...

Anonymous said...

I am not the smartest man in the world but this how i think,so here goes!There are around 35 million illegal people in this country and it will cost a small fortune to kick ue all out so maby this might be another way to fix the problem. Think of the money this country will make. There is talk of a fine to be paid so let's say it is $5,000 so to start that is a nice sum of $175,000,000, good for the economy but wait there is more! Taxes have to be paid aswell so let's say $100 a week(just for arguement sake) that is a nice $3,500,000,000 times 52 weeks in the year that comes to $182,000,000,000! That has nothing to do with the money we spend on food,cars,rent,gas,cloths,toll's, hobbies, eating out. The list goes on! We do not want welfare that is why we came here, we want to work and we will work! This country needs rebuilding, we did it once and we can do it again!

Anonymous said...

The Bail out of America and the acceptance of Immigrants’

In today’s world all we ever hear about is the way in which America has hit a standstill when it comes to the economy and how the taxpayers are so tired of there taxes been put forward to help those companies from small businesses to wall street to gm motors but they all fail to realize and accept the fact that this is the only way to bring America back on track or is it?

So what is the alternative plan? well lets just stop and think for a minute !
Who keeps the cost of deliveries from sandwiches to pizza to furniture moving costs down and in doing so work for below minimum wage, and at the same time pay equal rents to those landlords in which rent properties to over 12 million illegal’s in this country.

Now is where the immigrants come into play in helping America get back on track, first off how America give each immigrant in which is living illegal in this country a chance to become legal and have travel status, But why you ask well if each illegal immigrant had status you are now thinking they would take American jobs. Not the story because for years they have worked the jobs in which the hold not because the like what they do but because at the end of the month they don’t receive unemployment unlike the American people who choose not to work and these immigrants still have to make the rent as they cant turn to the government for assistance

Part 1
Now this is where they can help America with the bail out each immigrant pays $1,500 for a two year status visa which entitles them to pay taxes and when claiming taxes at the end of each of the first 2 years they are only entitled to get 25% of there overall taxes due back and the other 75% goes into federal funds which in return can be put towards decreasing medical costs to Americans and building social security Total money in government reserve 18 million

Part 2
After the 2 years are up those who have abided by the rules they can then apply for an additional 2 years of status in which they now pay $2000,00 and can claim 50% back of there annual taxes and like before the other 50% goes towards social security and healthcare Total in government reserve 24 million

Part 3
At this stage each participant who has stayed within the lay can now choose to extend there visa for 1 or 3 years the 1 year plan costs $2000 in which they can claim back 30% of annual taxes paid and once again the 70% goes into federal reserve. On the other hand those who choose to go with the 3 year plan pay $3000 and after the first year of paying taxes can Claim Back 50% and also have a choice to pay an additional $1000 in which they will be given the choice to apply for citizenship at a filing cost of $500 and then are initialed to claim back the previous 5 years of taxes towards there retirement fund.
How does this help America?

1 At least 5 million will buy cars and finance them which helps both General Motors and the banks with money coming in can now lower mortgage rates too helping everyone all round

2 They are going to travel more spreading the wealth throughout America

3 they are going to take out mortgages as the can now call America there real Home and don’t have to live in fear anymore.

Total taxes per term collected estimated at $705.13 average tax returns per person

1st term Equals $528.75 x $12,000,000,000 equals $6,345,000,000,000
Fines equal $18,000,000,000,000

2nd term equals $325.50 x 12,000,000,000 equals $3,906,000,000,000
Fines equal $24,000,000,000,000
3rd term equals $211.50 x 12,000,000,000 equals $2,538,000,000,000
Fines equal $ 24,000,000,000,000

Total collections into federal reserve $78,789,000,000,000

paul said...

One small problem with that is, the banks are not giving out any money, unless you gave up your first born...
If you put a price of $1000, $5000 or what ever price. There will be a lot of do good groups going to call and say it is unfair and give every reason why there should be no fine. Your theory is very good, but it will run into a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of these comments, my mind went into cardiac arrest. Can a person please do a spell check and throw in an occasional punctuation.

Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Can the blog owner please edit out the unnecessary vulgar words from the posts. Or, can the bloggers have the common decency to refrain from using them in the first place. What do you hope to gain from such juvenile and irresponsible writings.

Stop letting our side down!

Peter Nassey

Paul said...

Who are you to judge anyone?
Fair play to the people that post their comments on the site. They like everyone else are entitled to their opinion.
So they may spell incorrectly or leave a remark you may not like.
But what if they had a great idea and were afraid to post, due to people like you?
The great thing about this web site is that, if you do not like it leave it.
You see I support my fellow country men and women.