Friday, February 06, 2009

The Truth on Immigration: Niall O'Dowd

Irish Voice February 9

Chances for comprehensive immigration reform in the new Congress seem pretty bleak just a few weeks into the term.

Republicans in the House showed in their unanimous opposition to the Obama stimulus package that they will vote their own parochial interests rather than those of the country.

The fact is that the Republicans left in the House are the hard core who come from right wing constituencies where immigration reform is about as popular as skunk invasions.

If they agree all together to oppose the stimulus package then they will certainly band together against comprehensive reform.

If you have any doubts on that issue, consider the words of new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Fox News last Sunday when he was asked whether Republicans were ready to move towards immigration reform.

Given that the Republican vote among Hispanics fell 13% in the last election, you would assume that the party would want to pay more attention to this critical constituency.

Only in the world of George Orwell and the Big Lie would Steele's response to the following question posed by Chris Wallace on Fox News constitute a change in policy.

Wallace: Does the GOP need to change its position on immigration reform, guest workers, path to citizenship, to reach out and say to Hispanics, "You have a home in the Republican Party?"

Steele: No. Well, I think the GOP's position on immigration is very much the position of many, many Hispanics who are in this country.

Wallace: Wait. Is the GOP position the position of George Bush and John McCain, which is for immigration reform, or ... or is it the position that was build the fence?

Steele: The GOP's position is secure our borders first. Let us know and let us make sure the American people know that we've taken care of the important business of dealing with illegal immigration into this country.

You cannot begin to address the concerns of the people who are already here unless and until you have made certain that no more are coming in behind them.

Wallace: So no change in the position of the party.

Steele: No change in the position on the party on that.

Steele's contention that Hispanics agree with the GOP position has to be one of the most blatant mistruths in this political season.

Given that reality, it is high time the comprehensive immigration lobby starting looking at a different way to get the job done.

It is clear that the omnibus, one size fits all approach which attracts such Republican ire will not pass. A piecemeal solution where various aspects of the issue are addressed in much less stormy conditions seems the only way forward.

In such a strategy, issues such as the Dream Act, which allows young men and women who came here as children and have no other country to go back to, should be given priority.

It is quite likely that farm worker groups will also manage to pass something that allows big agriculture to hire laborers from Mexico and elsewhere legally when they are needed.

In such an environment it will be every interest group for themselves. We in the Irish community must be prepared for that.

The E-3 Australian visa program, which allows 10,000 a year to come from Australia and renew their visas every two years, is one way forward. The hope is that the undocumented could avail of such a program if they returned home to apply for the visas, and were no longer undocumented when they did so.

It is a tough lift, but nevertheless it can be accomplished. There are some other options too, but unless we approach this debate in a forthright and clear manner we will fail to learn the lessons of last year's bitter loss on immigration reform.

As stories of many more Irish coming here fleeing hard times in Ireland again begin to percolate, we must make a major new effort to ensure our community is able to make their case too, along with everyone else in the great immigration debate.


Anonymous said...

"The hope is that the undocumented could avail of such a program if they returned home to apply for the visas, and were no longer undocumented when they did so"
This is the part that concerns me. Essentially you would just be returning home to join the queue and who is to say you would be approved for the visa. I, for one, would be very reluctant to do that.

Anonymous said...

no way in hell i'll be returning home to apply for a visa. I'm not stupid enough to think they will give a visa to someone who has already over stayed.

That 20,000 new visa program is really going to come back and haunt the undocumented Irish more than ever. Looks like its time to get married just to get my paperwork.

Anonymous said...

The Truth on Immigration: Niall O'Dowd

The whole premise that we have to look at Republican votes for passage of CIR is wrong!

The Dems don't need any input from the Grand Opposition Party (GOP) as was the case 'n' point during the Stimulus bill passage in the House recently.

We will let the GOP Repubs to stand up, oppose and even try filibuster the upcoming CIR bill in Senate.

If we stand with the Dems and the President who has positioned himself and his party along with his cabinet for a resounding passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year, we can achieve it this year! Remember which party is the majority in both houses and the Executive branch.

So Repubs Can Go to HELL!

jumbo trout said...

Up Steele!

Anonymous said...

The Bail out of America and the acceptance of Immigrants’

In today’s world all we ever hear about is the way in which America has hit a standstill when it comes to the economy and how the taxpayers are so tired of there taxes been put forward to help those companies from small businesses to wall street to gm motors but they all fail to realize and accept the fact that this is the only way to bring America back on track or is it?

So what is the alternative plan? well lets just stop and think for a minute !
Who keeps the cost of deliveries from sandwiches to pizza to furniture moving costs down and in doing so work for below minimum wage, and at the same time pay equal rents to those landlords in which rent properties to over 12 million illegal’s in this country.

Now is where the immigrants come into play in helping America get back on track, first off how America give each immigrant in which is living illegal in this country a chance to become legal and have travel status, But why you ask well if each illegal immigrant had status you are now thinking they would take American jobs. Not the story because for years they have worked the jobs in which the hold not because the like what they do but because at the end of the month they don’t receive unemployment unlike the American people who choose not to work and these immigrants still have to make the rent as they cant turn to the government for assistance

Part 1
Now this is where they can help America with the bail out each immigrant pays $1,500 for a two year status visa which entitles them to pay taxes and when claiming taxes at the end of each of the first 2 years they are only entitled to get 25% of there overall taxes due back and the other 75% goes into federal funds which in return can be put towards decreasing medical costs to Americans and building social security Total money in government reserve 18 million

Part 2
After the 2 years are up those who have abided by the rules they can then apply for an additional 2 years of status in which they now pay $2000,00 and can claim 50% back of there annual taxes and like before the other 50% goes towards social security and healthcare Total in government reserve 24 million

Part 3
At this stage each participant who has stayed within the lay can now choose to extend there visa for 1 or 3 years the 1 year plan costs $2000 in which they can claim back 30% of annual taxes paid and once again the 70% goes into federal reserve. On the other hand those who choose to go with the 3 year plan pay $3000 and after the first year of paying taxes can Claim Back 50% and also have a choice to pay an additional $1000 in which they will be given the choice to apply for citizenship at a filing cost of $500 and then are initialed to claim back the previous 5 years of taxes towards there retirement fund.
How does this help America?

1 At least 5 million will buy cars and finance them which helps both General Motors and the banks with money coming in can now lower mortgage rates too helping everyone all round

2 They are going to travel more spreading the wealth throughout America

3 they are going to take out mortgages as the can now call America there real Home and don’t have to live in fear anymore.

Total taxes per term collected estimated at $705.13 average tax returns per person

1st term Equals $528.75 x $12,000,000,000 equals $6,345,000,000,000
Fines equal $18,000,000,000,000

2nd term equals $325.50 x 12,000,000,000 equals $3,906,000,000,000
Fines equal $24,000,000,000,000
3rd term equals $211.50 x 12,000,000,000 equals $2,538,000,000,000
Fines equal $ 24,000,000,000,000

Total collections into federal reserve $78,789,000,000,000

neil said...

some of us are doing this already its the ones who got deported god love them. left the loans behind them .car house ect. my friend in new york got deported and employed 5 amricans they lost there jobs. And when the reform bill faild lots of people left. and left credit behind them this was only one domino to start the mess we are in. we/they must fix this problem as fast as we/they can

Anonymous said...

go home to apply for a visa?? i wouldnt even contimplate that,,, & i'm sure there are a lot of people out there that wouldnt trust this either. For one i have two boys at school, theres no way i will be uprooting them, taking them back to nothing & not knowing what would happen next.