Friday, February 06, 2009

Sign of the times in Cork

John Hickey, who returned from the U.S. to look for work. Irish Times


Anonymous said...

We are people not salmon. Why do Irish people return to Ireland, have chrilren and put them trough the same crap life style they had and expect a different result. Most great Irish people who have had an impact on the world,all share one thing in common they never came back thus there life and standing in the world moved forward

Anonymous said...

John be sure to thank Bertie for his great advice.
If I recall he said we should all go home and celebrate paddys day in Ireland 2009.
Great leadership, no wonder Ireland is in the state that it is.
The worst thing about Ireland this is only the start of things to come.
It will be bad for a while but things will turn around, they just have to knuckle down for now.
Things will get better.