Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From today's NY Times:

August 9, 2006

He Who Draws First (1 Letter)

To the Editor:Re “Critics Say Politics Is Driving Hearings on Immigration” (news article, Aug. 7):

Critics may rightly point out that the hearings on immigration policy scheduled to be held around the country are really politically motivated by Republicans to win elections in closely contested districts in November.

Instead of wringing their hands over this, Democrats should be out front holding hearings that define the arguments in a way to promote their cause.

In the Old West, he who drew first and aimed well won.

In politics, those who first define the opposition will live.

Those who come later and aim poorly will be destroyed.

Sadly, the Democrats have yet to show they can be quick on the draw.

Emery Roth II
Washington Depot, Conn.
Aug. 7, 2006

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Anonymous said...

Please under stand this is not a Democrat or Republican problem it is a joint issue.The area I live in PA was a mix of peoples from Ireland ,Poland,Ukraine,Italy and Mexico all hard working people. But new immigration laws that do no people any good only fear mongers have ruined my neighborhood.The good hard working people have been forced out
and section 8 and welfare depends have moved, in the place has turned in to a ghetto right before my eyes.
30 years of hard work to live in the middle of this kind of people
who see welfare as a way of life .The political leaders have destoryed me and my neighbours lives with money I spent my life paying in tax the two partyies need to wake up quickly and think of the middle class we need these hard working people now WAKE UP