Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Step Forward

Once again this year the emotional rollercoaster is riding high for me. In April , my brother and his girlfriend died tragically in a car accident in Co.Kerry.I did not go home for the funerals for fear I would not get back to my home that I have made for myself over 15 years in the US.

Well, this weekend my sister’s hen party is on in Kerry as she is getting married in September. This is the third family wedding I am going to miss over my undocumented status. I have tried to block it out and not think about it but I just received a text message from another sister and was told how much they are missing me and would love if I was there. They say they understand but I know that deep down they are saying why does she live there, she has no life, she can’t even travel home.

We need to keep up the momentum that we had for the last few months and work together and finish the job and legalize the Irish. No more missed funerals, wedding or family occasions.
The Congressional elections are coming in Nov and we need to be as vocal as we have been, the Elections candidates need to know that we are serious about comprehensive Immigration Reform.

So get involved in Irish Lobby Immigration for ImmigrationReform, attend the weekly meetings in your areas. We are going to succeed and legalize the 50,000 Irish here. The dog days of summer are nearly over so no more excuses not to get involved. So check the website “LegalizetheIrish.org.” See you all at the weekly meetings.

ILIR Volunteer,

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