Thursday, August 31, 2006

immigration "listening"

Lawmakers and members of the public said today that it is important that the focus of immigration laws not be limited to border security.

"The balanced nature of the three issues, which are border security, a guest-worker ... program and thirdly, a path to legalization, these must all three be in a final legislation in order for it to be comprehensive and true reform," said Henry Cisneros, a former four-term San Antonio mayor and a former Housing and Urban Development secretary.


Stretch Limo said...

Sleaznerios should not be trusted.
What we really need is 3 bills - 1 for border security; 1 for a guestworker program; and 1 for a path to citizenship. Any bill should deal with only one topic, otherwise it would be in danger of being overturned in the courts.

Anonymous said...

We don't need anymore Bills. We have HR 4437 and S 2611. We need the House leadership to stop stalling and put a conference committee together to hammer out the details in these bills and pass legislation.

All three areas you wish to see legislated are dealt with in the Senae Bill.

Read the Senate Bill, you might like it. The Senate Bill does a whole lot more than the House Bill for beefing up border security.

It provides real money for law enforcement where the House Bill merely provides unfunded tough-talking lip service.

The fact that the Senate Bill deals with the problems of border security and immigration in a comprehensive big picture way does not make the individual provisions it contains any more or less likely to be o"overturned in the courts" once the bill has been passed into law.

No "bill" has ever been overturned by "courts." However, sometimes, when they violate the US Constitution, provisions in "laws" are overturned by court rulings.