Saturday, February 03, 2007

BUSH to Democratic Caucus: Whitehouse wants to help pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

President Bush addressed the House Democratic Caucus Winter Meeting in Williamsburg Virginia today. After discussing several issues in which he claimed the the Whitehouse shared common goals with the Democratic Party, including a balanced budget, improved education and healthcare, and reducing America's dependence on fossil fuels, the President described the achievnment of a comprehensive immigration reform bill as a "great goal."

Warm and enthusiastic applause met his statement that the Whitehouse wants to help achieve the common goal of comprehensive immigration reform. The President noted that comprehensive immigration reform would mean that law enforcement authorities could stop wasting their time chasing people who just came here to work and allow them to focus on the real threats like criminals and terrorists.

The President did not specifically address how to deal with the 12 million undocumented immigrants (50,000 undocumented Irish) already living and working in the United States. However, the immigration plan set forth on the Whitehouse website does address the need to provide a path to EARNED legal status for the undocumented immigrants already in America.

Here is an excerpt from that plan as provided on the Whitehouse website:

We Must Bring Undocumented Workers Already In The Country Out Of The Shadows

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Account For The Millions Of Immigrants Already In The Country Illegally. Illegal immigration causes serious problems, putting pressure on public schools and hospitals and straining State and local budgets. People who have worked hard, supported their families, avoided crime, led responsible lives, and become a part of American life should be called in out of the shadows and under the rule of American law.

The President Opposes An Automatic Path To Citizenship Or Any Other Form Of Amnesty. Amnesty, as a reward for lawbreaking, would only invite further lawbreaking. Amnesty would also be unfair to those lawful immigrants who have patiently waited their turn for citizenship and to those who are still waiting to enter the country legally.

The President Supports A Rational Middle Ground Between A Program Of Mass Deportation And A Program Of Automatic Amnesty. It is neither wise nor realistic to round up and deport millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. But there should be no automatic path to citizenship. The President supports a rational middle ground founded on the following basic tenets:

No Amnesty. Workers who have entered the country illegally and workers who have overstayed their visas must pay a substantial penalty for their illegal conduct.

In Addition To Paying A Meaningful Penalty, Undocumented Workers Must Learn English, Pay Their Taxes, Pass A Background Check, And Hold A Job For A Number Of Years Before They Will Be Eligible To Be Considered For Legalized Status.

Any Undocumented Worker Seeking Citizenship Must Go To The "Back Of The Line." The program should not reward illegal conduct by making participants eligible for citizenship ahead of those who have played by the rules and followed the law. Instead, program participants must wait their turn at the back of the line.

For the full Whitehouse plan on immigration, click HERE.


kerthialfad said...

"Illegal immigration causes serious problems, putting pressure on public schools and hospitals and straining State and local budgets...."

This is an odd statement. Immigration actually being bad ... for the US? This is an outrage. Immigration is always good. No matter how many. No matter where they come from.

Anonymous said...

you are so right obeisty is a mayjor burden to our hospitals and all the side affects that come with it eg heart attack,stroke,diabetes,not to mention the babby boomers who also get medicare over 77 million in the next 20 years.They have worked there whole life and have ever right to it.But if you blame immigration you save the goverment millions people are stuiped enough to cut of there nose to spite there face.And dead bet dads are a great help to the commuinty they dont pay anything for ther faimlys but are not afriad to put there hand out eg schools ,uniforms,health care ,housing ,heating,food,free travel,they are a gret help to all levels of goverment .If you are illegal immigratiant they cant get any of these things so they come here to work . Our working popaultion is getting to old,to fat and to lasey hand out specialtists.Thank god the Immigrants can change all that and help us out working useing transport ,paying tax to keep medicare and other goverment help for Americans going .Or is history gust repating it self

kerthialfad said...

You forget to mention sex-offenders.
I'm sorry but I don't believe illegal immigrants come to the US to work. If you come to work, you would acquire a visa which allows you to work. When you enter the US, on your embarcation card you would state, under purpose of visit: "Work/employment".
Otherwise, on your entry card, you might state: "Visit grand canyon", "study microbiology", or "attend cousin's wedding"
If, contrary to your solomnly stated intentions, you engage in employment, you are in essence stealing. and committing fraud.
It is niave to think that illegal immigrants will pay taxes when they have already proven themselves to be irresponsibile, and unable to follow directions.
I work, and I am neither old, fat, nor lazy.

Anonymous said...

This is the whole point there is not enough visas given out please read, and read it again Ireland was given 198 last year this is the problem
Your point on sex offenders 98% of cases is by a family member so get off your scare tactics you sound like Luu Dobhs

kerthialfad said...

Well, aren't 98% of dead bet dads family members too? Probably more than 98%.
The reason the Irish get so few visas is because so many of them overstay. As soon as they show they can follow directions, we will increase their allotment.

apple jack said...

Joan - Ireland was given 198 visas, out of how many total? But how many should they receive?

Anonymous said...

Apple Jack the answer is out 198 out of 50,000 why should Iran And Iraq get 5000 each is it the great work they have done for America