Friday, February 16, 2007

Legalize my Aunties!

My two aunties are living undocumented in America so they cannot visit me in Ireland.
Mammy and I cannot join my aunties in Washington for the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform's National Lobby Day and Rally on March 7, 2007. However, we are heading down to the ILIR meeting in Dublin on April 14, 2007 to support the undocumented Irish in America.

Up Donegal!

Legalize the Irish!


Anonymous said...

Love to see the Donegal crew in action. My family comes from there.

Well done.

That kid is so cute.

Anonymous said...


Thats one cool kid - we'll be up there in dublin spporting the irish and hoping that the skys will be full of documented Irish coming home for Christmas.

Up Donegal and Up the Irish


Anonymous said...

Come on Donegal how could ya not get behind that COOL KID and her Aunties.

Lets do it together for our families in USA meet ya in Dublin. For a pimt and to make a POINT.

Donegal Girl

Anonymous said...

Good to see some young members of the ILIR stepping up in the home sod. Hopefully, Jurys is jammed with concerned relatives and friends like we see here from Donegal.

lukemer said...

Grand wee girl there. Good for her paents to support the sisters abroad. They are not criminals. Thay should be able to visit their lovely wee niece without fear of losing their life in America.

Legalize the Irish!