Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ILIR volunteer appeals to Irish in Vincent Browne's Village Magazine

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Seamus Ryan
Monday, 12 February 2007
With loaded pen and heavy heart I write to you, asking that you and your readers consider the moral, legal and sentimental conundrum in which 50,000 Irish-Americans find themselves.

Over the centuries, Irish curraghs and sailing ships of all shapes and sizes departed in search of new lands, new conquests, and new challenges. During the Famine, this westernbound exodus had a very survivalist dimension, and most especially, during that time, the present special relationship between Ireland and the United States of America was cemented.

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maryb said...

I am very proud of my fellow Kerryman .You should be a poet...beautiful article .Let hope the governments heeds it an legalizes us all this year.As I am dying for a trip back to the Kingdom.Hopefully this time next year our Irish eyes will be smiling with the green cards.
Keep up the good work as well as being a pilot and a Lawyer you might make a writer.
A Charda, Mary B

Anonymous said...

All we want in this country is for use to go home so why wount uses go The Irish have worn out there welcome we dont need more drunks and the younger ones are usless drug addicts who no longer work hard they are spoilet.At least the South Americans work hard and dont think there some one special

snuffaluff... said...

Hey, Oscar the Grouch. For someone from Sesame Street, you sure could use some grammar and spelling lessons ("use," "wount," "spoilet,"
"there," "some one.")

Anonymous said...

Hey Borat or Oscar, not a bad effort at ebonics! Hopefully, we see you down in Washington with the South Americans. We are all in this together, the McCain Kennedy bill is not just for the Irish.

Anonymous said...

Oscar what age are you?
I hope for your sake that you are 10yrs old or younger.
Grammer and spelling!!!

john brown said...

oscar - It's the lovely thoughts that count!