Friday, February 02, 2007


Calling all undocumented! Calling all American-Irish!

The National Lobby Day and Rally for the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is scheduled for March 7th in Washington DC.

Register to join the ILIR in DC by calling (914) 420-5894.

Make it your business to bring at least five friends along with you to Capitol Hill. It's imperative that we fill the marble halls of Congress with thousands of people wearing "Legalize the Irish" t-shirts. This is the most effective way to make our voices heard!

Spread the word like wildfire from now until March 6th... We need everyone to join us in Washington DC for the National Lobby Day and Rally. Don’t take "No" for an answer.


Anonymous said...

This is just the rally cry that we need. It appeals to both undocumented and documented. Plus, it pushes people to bring as many people as they can on March 7.

In the advertising for Lobby Day, we need to describe briefly what rally day entails. The website has this information (arrive at 9AM, breakfast, lobbying on Capitol Hill and rally later in afternoon) but we need to get this information in the Irish Voice and all other advertising to ensure that we don't just assume that people know what lobby day means. It would not hurt either at least in the case of NY travellers to DC, that we make clear in advertising that people only need to take Wednesday off as the buses leave early in the morning and return that night.

Brendan said...

I hope Donnelly and Morrison Visa holders don't think they have 'no dog in this fight'
Anyone like myself. who was lucky enough to have won one of these visas should have empathy for our undocumented Irish brothers and sisters.
Lets show our solidarity by getting on the Bus to DC on March 7th.
Then we will know that we have done our part to help bring about lImmigration Reform.

johnny reb said...

It's best to tell you friends to go home. Times have changed. This government has uglier fish to fry - in particular feeding and controlling their vast killing machine. I don't think the Congress will look kindly on a bunch of kooks. Besides the ILIR is a special interest group. No politicians wants to be perceived as beholding to foreign special interests. Hey, but I could be wrong. Don't let me stop you from going.

Anonymous said...