Friday, May 18, 2007

ILIR rally in DC to urge reform


Anonymous said...

Thank god a deal has been reached. As an undocumented it has restored the hope that i was loosing agian... i know there are still lots of steps to climb but at least we're on the ladder now. the Irish undocumented welcome all the hard work put in by all the senators and white house staff,, in particular Sen. Ted Kennedy.. our old realiable... lets all work together to keep the hope alive and who knows.. this time next year we might be able to book our tickets home:)

Anonymous said...


dyna mit said...

Why wait? Go home now!

Nico said...

Hey guys,
Glad you found that picture I took for FIRM ( on Flickr! It was great marching with you. I was really glad to see this blog (we at FIRM have one too- and I'd like to do a link exchange and support eachother's sites. Please shoot me an email so we can be in touch-

Anonymous said...

Nicola, great idea, we all need to stand together and suport the Senate bill!.Its the only way we will get Immigration reform this year or for years to come. Phone,email Senators, Congressmen and tell the to support this bill!.
Legalize Everyone!