Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is The Tide Turning?

Today, one of the more conservative Republican senators, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, said on national tv that "we do have a bill that should be worked." Coming only days after the public opinion poll by New York Times/CBS News, perhaps the nay-sayers are finally starting to see reason and understand that the current status quo is not what the public want from their law makers. Read the entire article on here.
Let's keep the pressure on over the holiday recess with phone calls to all our Senators. Thank those who already support a path to legalization and help those still on the fence make up their mind!!


Anonymous said...

I really think the irish are a real asset to America doing all the building and joinery work they have built the country ,and they should be legalised. They have really good manners aswell.

Anonymous said...

I really think the Irish should be given a chance to prove themselves by getting the green card for a few years to show how they behave and review it every few years.

pensive partner said...

Oh - kind of a 'temporary' green card?