Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Familes on move from Ireland

The Irish Independent has been following the continuing brain drain from Ireland. A story this week shows that the rate of emigration is at its highest for 20 years. The story does not say whether some of the outflow includes immigrant workers to Ireland but still, the numbers do show that Irish people are on the move again. In particular, Irish construction workers are being wooed in Canada and Australia.

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disciple6 said...

What is needed is a mutual cooperative arrangement. Ireland won't let Americans immigrate unless they are billionaires. And America has plenty of things to worry about and none of them are Irish. The Irish have done nothing but been huge contributors in building America and defending her. I think the present crop of "illegal Irish" want nothing more than to do the same. But why can't I move to Dublin? I'm financially independent and would pay taxes here and not draw upon the dole. I don't get it.