Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Irish Times weighs in on US election

Would an Obama presidency be best for Ireland?

Kate Fitzgerald
argues 'yes', Obama would benefit Ireland by reviving the economy, remaining engaged with Northern Ireland and favouring diplomacy over aggression, while Grant Lally says 'no', Barack Obama's suggestion that there might be no need for a US special envoy to Northern Ireland shows his naivety and lack of experience.


Anonymous said...

Obama would do little for Ireland he would try and bring jobs back to America. American companys employ more than 700,000 people in Ireland we depend on other countrys for jobs

Anonymous said...

Id like to know which candidate does the ILIR endorse?

The candidate that is going to do the most to help the illgal Irish in the USA will get my vote, but its hard to tell if that would be McCain or Obama.

Anonymous said...

This web site makes me sick! no mention today of the deal between Ireland and us anouunced today.! when are the undocumented going to hear the truth?/?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ireland and the US are to sign an agreement next week giving 20,000 visas for Irish to come to the US next year for 1 year.
If this is signed the Irish already here illegal\undoucumented will get nothing!!!!
Phone the Irish goverment, tell them this can not be signed. They need to help the people already here before adding to the problem.
011-353-1619-4000 or 011-353-1662-4888 e-mail webmaster@taoiseach.gov.ie

Dor said...

20,000 VISAS FOR PEOPLE IN IRELAND and not a word from ilir, I hope yous can face the undocumented here with a good reason why we were not included and are still here with nothing.
3 years of hard work down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Obama will LEGALIZE thousands of IRISH in USA and thus Have IRISH help Ireland!!

McCain is playing Russian roulette with the hardworking undocumented! He says Build Fence and Enforcement to the Republican Right Wing Nuts and talks about contribution by the undocumented in Spanish! The straight talk express has become Zig Zag and the driver is Uncle McZiggy!

GOP is never and will NEVER be Immigrant Friendly!!!!!

Obama/Biden 2008 GOD Speed!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the ILIR not talking about the J visa?
We the undoucmented/illegals were told that we would be put at the top of the list for any type of visa. Stay here you will be home by Christmas 08 we were told.
Next Wednesday Micheal Martin will sign an agreement with America for 20,000 J visas, for more Irish to come here. This will destroy any chance for the Irish already here to adjust their status. If we ask for anything in the future, America will say they already have helped out the Irish. So the Celtic tiger is done and gone, the Irish government is going to get rid of another 20,000 Irish. Send them to America for a year, hope they will not over stay when the year is up. COP ON, they are just adding to the trouble we already have.
Lets say 5,000 decide to stay on after their year is up, So what happens then? They become the same as the rest of us here.
You do not add water to a tub that is already over flowing.
We have been to Washington, supported every event, donated money, FOR WHAT? To get it thrown in our face?
Have you turned your back on us?
Please post my comment and show us you have not abandonded us the way the Irish goverment has.

Donegal-Boston MA

Anonymous said...

comments are in the wrong place on the blog put them up where you talk of the visas thanks

salty john said...

You guys are toast.

honesty said...

This 12mth J1 is hardly news. If I'm not mistaken under the J-Visa scheme it can be issued for up to 18 months already. Probably just a little bit of tweaking by the State Dept in Irelands case. And good old Bertie had touted this back in March as a "solution". Nothing of much importance here, only really suited to college kids looking on spending a year away. If it at the end it could transfer to another more permanent visa? Maybe that would be something worth going after by the Irish government!