Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Unemployment Surge In Ireland

RTE is reporting today "shock" figures (no shock to those of us counting the new arrivals in NY, Boston, Philly and SF) which show unemployment in Ireland at 6.1pc. What's more, the reporter says the figure is expected to jump to 8pc by the end of the year.
"Men accounted for 73% of the increase over the past 12 months, reflecting the impact of the very sharp downturn in the construction industry."
The numbers are even more startling given that unemployment rarely rises in August because more people are working in seasonal (or summer) employment.

And where oh where does Ireland Inc think the laid-off construction workers are going to go?


Anonymous said...

Australia and England will probably be the destination of choice for the construction workers.

Anonymous said...

I agree as why would they come to US as the Irish here who are undoc cant get legal so why would one come here now ....go to Uk or oz take my advice do not come to live here Like me ILLEGALLY not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for anyone who is coming to America looking for construction work. The industry is very slow right now. People in my own family are in construction and are struggling right now.

v2020 said...

We need headlines that say - "Realistic Plan to save 200,000 jobs"

* Can 200,000 jobs be saved by the banks?

* Can Ireland overcome the credit crunch?

* What can the banks do to save jobs?