Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ILIR meets with Candidate Sen. John McCain

ILIR vice-chairman Ciaran Staunton met with Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain at an Irish American Town Hall in Pennsylvania this week. Sen. McCain told Ciaran that he will address comprehensive immigration reform in his first term if elected.


Anonymous said...

Was the ilir set up to get the undocumented legal status in the us or was it set up to get John Mc Cain into the white house ???.

As for these J-visa's what the hell is wrong with our Irish government. 20,000 young one's just out of school coming over to America to run a muck and make the undocumented look even worse in the eye's of america.

It's just like Fianna fail and micheal martin to put spoiled kid's in frount of people that are living there life's in fear everyday.

I think the 50,000 undocumented should start to looby against fianna fail for the next election back home. every undocumented over here should try to get ten people at home to vote against F.F.

Anonymous said...

I think the 50,000 undocumented should leave the US

Anonymous said...

This is to the last comment;
Why should the 50,000 irish undocumented leave the United States ?
Is it because of broken immigranion law's or is it because 11.5 million south american's ???

The US was built on immigrant's and why should we suffer for poor boarder's and bad government's.
When i say government's i mean Ireland for not helping the people of ireland out.
The US for not fixing the immigration law back in 1999-2000.
South america for been so bad that so many people had to leave.

Ilir keep fighting for the undocumented here in the US.
That's why you started in the first place.