Thursday, October 09, 2008

245i - Some resources and answers

There have been a couple of questions about 245i recently. In brief, 245i was a section in the immigration law which allowed people (other than those in the spouse category) to adjust their status to a new immigration visa while in the U.S. This meant that people were no longer subject to the three or 10-year re-entry bars. Unfortunately, as we all know, there are no real categories for an Irish person to adjust to. For 245i to be truly effective, we would need a new visa category which people could apply for. If you would like more information, please see this FAQ from the USCIS. If you are in the New York area, please come to the meeting on Oct. 21


Anonymous said...

What of the people who are not in New York?
One other thing, it is Micheal Martin we would like to see at the meeting and let him explain why he signed this agreement for the 20,000 visa's.
No matter what, we should have been first. We were promised if anything came up we were first in line. WELL I GUESS NOT?

Anonymous said...

This Visa, although welcomed by recent Irish graduates, obviously does not help the Irish already living and working here. My fear is that the U.S. government will now say they have been very generous to the Irish and will do nothing to help the undocumented, going forward.
This sounds like a ploy by the Irish government to keep 20,000 people off the dole by temporarily exporting their employment problem.

Lou Ferpo

Joe, Philadelphia said...

Lou you have just confirmed my biggest fear, i've always thought we would have one shot at getting any concessions from the US government and the 20,000 visa appears to have been it.

You would think now would be a good time for the government to push through a immigration bill, just think of the money they would raise from people paying fines and back taxes.

If i remember correctly i read a article on here saying the amount would run into several BILLION dollars from illegals already in the country.

cannery row said...

joe, philly - are you implying that the undocumented don't pay their taxes?

Anonymous said...

no more so than lots of Americans that work for cash and dont pay taxes!!

cannery row said...

Lots of Americans are in prison, too, but that doesn't mean that a illegal Irish alien in US prison has any chance of ever getting a visa to remain in the US. Your logic is faulty.