Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on NY meeting

The meetings took place in NY and San Francisco last night and helped clear up a lot of confusion about the different issues. We are currently looking at holding a meeting in Boston and will post the information here when a date/venue is decided. For those who were unable to attend last night's meetings, please email for details.


Anonymous said...

Confusion? there is no confusion, what part of we got left out to dry, are people confused about?
The Irish Gov with their fearless leader Bertie at the helm did nothing and I mean nothing to help the undoucmented in the U.S.
Then Micheal Martin gave away 20,000 visa's so the Gaa can say how well he did. That is it make sure to LOOK AFTER the Gaa.
If you think you are going to get help from Ireland, dream on.
I would say phone\e-mail the ILIR and ask what can you do from here to help.
There is around 50,000 undoucmented Irish here, start calling your family, ask them to see what political party is willing to help their son, daughter,etc.. If we got one vote each that is 50,000 votes do you see where im going with this x 2 or x 3 it soon adds up to a lot of votes.
Nobody is going to help you, until you try and help yourself.

Anonymous said...

While I don't think everything's as bleak as you make out. I do think that people getting on the blower and talking to their families and friend about it is the answer. The 'grey power' yesterday in Dublin showed that people's voices can make a difference. Let's fight! Isn't it worth it!?

Anonymous said...

well as having moved home from san fran a year ago I can safely say there isnt too much support at homr for people living over ther illegally as people here have other things on their minds like the ecenomy and so forth