Saturday, October 11, 2008

Irish illegals issue more urgent than ever - O'Dowd

(From the Irish Times, October 11, 2008) DEAGLAN DE BREADUN, Political Correspondent

SIGNIFICANT ILLEGAL immigration of Irish people to the US has begun again, making it even more critical that a long-term solution be found to the problem, founder-member of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform Niall O'Dowd said last night.

Speaking in Dún Chaoin, Co Kerry, at the opening of the Blasket Island Foundation seminar on emigration, he said: "The Irish immigrant centres all over the US are reporting a significant surge . . . and the anecdotal evidence in Irish neighbourhoods is backing that up. We are particularly seeing the traditional type of Irish emigrant - construction workers, waitresses - who are the first to experience the effects of the Irish economic downturn.

"We already have tens of thousands of undocumented whom we are seeking to help," he added.

Mr O'Dowd said immigration reform was a divisive issue and had taken a back seat in the US election. "Given the current economic emergency it is hard to see McCain or Obama giving the issue of immigration reform any major priority if elected," he said.


Anonymous said...

If were going for visa's just for the irish then nither Mc Cain or Obama is a problem.

Say what you like but it's the irish gov' that need's to close the deal for the irish undocumented.

The irish gov' do not care about the 50,000 undocumented over here and next year they will not care about the extra 20,000 (celtic babie) that just got our visa's.

We have to bring our figth home and take on the irish gov'. F.F.

50,000 undocumented start ringing home and tell your family,cousin's, aunt's, uncle's and friend's to vote against f.f.

But first the undocumented should come together and pick one party F.G 0r S.F. then everybody is on the same vote.

Anonymous said...

Irish gov't are happy as they are getting rid of these people and it makes their unemployment rates not look so bad.
Do they really think that 20,000 J visa's are going to go home after a year, I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
But sure as long as they aren't their problem, they don't care.
So much for the promise to help the undocumented in the US - just add to the problem with more people.

michael phelps said...

How do they get over here? Swim?

Anonymous said...

It is not about Mc Cain or Obama, we need to get the backing of our own Irish government first.
Stop them giving away visa's to the Celtic babies.
For people who do not know how the Irish become undoucmented, we gain entry on a system of a visa waiver for three months. Like so many American's that have gone to Ireland and overstayed.
By signing this waiver you give away you rights to a trial or a hearing. So if you overstay and get arrested, it is 45 days in prison, unlike Ireland you are not detained for this length of time.
I think it would be easier to get a gold medal than a visa, I have been trying this past 12 years for a visa.

Cllr Pat Mc Ginn said...


Newry and Mourne Councillor Pat mc Ginn has welcomed the commitment given by national US AOH president Seamus Boyle that he will continue to work to get the Irish immigrants living in America, commonly known as the “undocumented”, legalised. Seamus Boyle a native of south Armagh was speaking at a Newry and Mourne Council Civic Reception in his honour and the 66 year old Pennsylvanian outlined details of how his Order had raised issues of major concern with both American Presidential candidates, John Mc Cain and Barrack Obama. Speaking after the reception Councillor Mc Ginn who constantly has been involved with raising the plight of the “undocumented” both here in Newry and Mourne and on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean praised the AOH President for his commitment to the cause of the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish living in the US. “Seamus in his inaugural speech as President of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians asked his order to make it their top priority in the coming year to help ILIR and other immigration groups that lobby on behalf of the undocumented in finding a resolution to the problem. He and the AOH have honoured that pledge” said the Sinn Féin Councillor who continued “He also has appealed for the release of Irishman Pól Brennan an Irish Republican ex-prisoner, currently detained in prison US so that he can be reunited with his family living there. Seamus has in a proper and appropriate fashion challenged injustices from whatever quarter”. The Fews area Councillor told the AOH President how he had been informed of recent cases now being highlighted where Irishmen and women, if they failed to produce ID documents, were being removed of buses and other Public Transport vehicles for deportation.
Slieve Gullion Councillor Anthony Flynn echoing the praises of his colleague said that the entire area was proud of the achievements of Seamus Boyle and his family. “Seamus has a mighty pride in the Newry and Mourne area, particularly his homeland of south Armagh. He is a great ambassador for the area and has been a vocal and avid supporter of the ongoing Peace Process and the end to conflict, here,” said Anthony.