Thursday, April 12, 2007

2 days to Dublin meeting for families and friends of the undocumented Irish in America


Meanwhile, the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is this week moving its campaign to Dublin where a rally is being planned in a top city hotel.

The event is set for Saturday in Jury's of Ballsbridge and is intended to raise the profile of the group's campaign in the U.S. while highlighting for an Irish audience just what the undocumented Irish in America are having to face as part of their daily lives.

ILIR executive director Kelly Fincham said that the group was hoping to attract a thousand people to the rally.

The ILIR event comes just days after a conference in Dublin Castle intended as a launch pad for a national debate on the Irish diaspora.

During the conference, attended by a congressional delegation led by Friends of Ireland
chairman, Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, Irish foreign minister Dermot Ahern said that a major priority of his government was that part of the diaspora made up of undocumented Irish in the U.S.

"We are aware that some undocumented Irish people resident in the U.S. are unable to travel home to visit their families, and we understand the difficulty and stress that this causes for them and their families. We take every opportunity to convey to U.S. political leaders the urgent need to address the issues involved," Ahern said.

Ahern welcomed the recent unveiling of the Gutierrez/Flake immigration reform bill in the House of Representatives.

"Although the legislative situation is fluid and the final outcome uncertain, the introduction of the bipartisan bill in the House marks a significant advance in the debate. In the weeks ahead, I will be attaching the highest priority to our efforts on behalf of the undocumented Irish," Ahern said.



Anonymous said...

I really hope the US Congress can be influenced by 1000 Irish people showing up at a Hotel in Dublin.


sooth sayer said...

"while highlighting for an Irish audience just what the undocumented Irish in America are having to face as part of their daily lives."

Why not highlight what sex offenders; what drug addicts; what the legions of homeless; what the Iraq wounded vets have to face as part of their daily lives? There is so much suffering in the US today. A bunch of pampered paddies barely brings a tear to the eye.

Maple said...

The Irish undocumented are not sex offenders, drug addicts, or homeless.

If you care so much aboout these other issues why are you on this website distract people from the need for comprehensive immigration reform and trying to minimize the difficulties of the Irish undocumented by listing other issues that have absolutely nothing to do with immigration or the undocumented Irish?

If the undocumented Irish in America waited for resolution of every problem facing the world today before pushing for immigration reform, nothing would ever happen...

Legalize the Irish!